André Metzger Wrestling His Way into US Olympic Team (with Receding Hairline)

Andre Metzger Wrestler The Belgravia Centre

Nicknamed ‘Coach’, André Metzger has announced his intention to come out of retirement and return to the world of competitive wrestling. Racing against time and age, the 52-year-old is preparing for the Olympic wrestling trials in Iowa City later this month.

Despite boasting a mop of dark hair, age appears to be catching up with Metzger as he clearly has a receding hairline at the temples. Metzger’s career originally retired from wrestling nearly 20 years ago, but feels he has unfinished business in the ring.

“I know I can do it,” said Metzger when asked to rate his chances of gaining a place on the Olympic team. During the trials, Metzger will be wrestling with men half his own age although Rulon Gardner and Kurt Angle are also hoping to make a comeback despite being in their 40s. All three of these mature contestants clearly show signs of hair loss with Angle resorting to shaving his head to disguise the signs of male pattern balding.

Metzger, Gardner and Angle will all be up against much younger competitors who will probably be showing fewer signs of hair loss. Careful treatment by a hair loss expert could help redress the balance, if not in physique, then in promoting hair regrowth.

Treatment for male pattern balding

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