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Andre Agassi Wore Wig to Hide Baldness

Andre Agassi in the 1990 French Open Final. Did Wig Problems Cause Him to Lose the Match?Following the revelation that he knowingly used crystal meth during his professional tennis career, Andre Agassi has also said he wore a wig during the 1990s to hide his hair loss. In Agassi’s autobiography ‘Open’ the tennis legend says, “Every morning I would get up and find another piece of my identity on the pillow, in the wash basin, down the plughole. I asked myself: you want to wear a toupee? On the tennis court? I answered myself; what else could I do?”

In the 1990 French Open final, the first Grand Slam final he played, Agassi said he took a shower before the match and while in the shower his wig fell apart. Realising that he had probably used the wrong hair rinse, Agassi panicked and called his brother Philly to help. Philly clamped it with 20 hair clips and told his brother “don’t move so much” during the match if he wanted it to stay in place. Agassi said, “During the warming-up training before play I prayed. Not for victory, but that my hairpiece would not fall off.” Agassi lost the final to Andres Gomez from Ecuador.

It seemed baldness was now affecting the tennis player’s rising star, so his girlfriend at the time, later his wife, Brooke Shields suggested he ditch the hairpiece. “She said I should shave my head,” explains Agassi, “It was like suggesting I should have all my teeth out. Nevertheless, I thought for a few days about it, about the agonies it caused me, the hypocrisy and lies.”

Andres Gomez Beat Andre Agassi in the 1990 French Open. Agassi May Have Lost Because He Was Preoccupied with His Wig That Was Hiding His Hair Loss.Whether Agassi considered hair loss treatments to tackle his male pattern baldness is not known. There are only two products that have been proven to stabilise hair loss and restore hair – Propecia (for men only) and Minoxidil (for men and women) can be tailored to suit an individual’s hair loss condition and, when used alongside the correct hair growth booster, can prevent baldness. Agassi may have been wary of using Propecia as its active ingredient, Finasteride, has been found to mask sport-enhancing substances which are banned. As a result Propecia was banned for use by professional sportsmen in 2005. The ban on its use was lifted in January 2009 as a result of anti-doping testing methods becoming more advanced.

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