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An Introduction To Hair Loss


Hair loss is something that is experienced by 50% of men and women at some point in their lives.  The cause will usually be genetic but there are also a number of other common hair loss conditions that affect many people.  Today we will be covering the most widespread problem – genetic hair loss, otherwise known as male or female pattern hair loss.

Today I won’t be going into too much detail about the science behind the causes of the condition because I’m sure this won’t be of too much interest to most of you! However, if you do want more information on this you can have a look at our male and female pattern hair loss pages.

I’m 24 years old and over the last few years have had many friends whose hair I have slowly noticed deteriorating.  From my experience there are three different kinds of people when it comes to those who are experiencing hair loss – here are some examples:

There’s my friend Stew – Stewart’s been losing his hair since he was about 18 years old – I have been telling him for years that “it can be stopped!” And to “do something about it before it’s too late!”  Now it is too late – his hairline has receded almost to the middle of his head and the hair that he does have is almost invisibly thin.  But for Stew it doesn’t matter – he’s always been perfectly comfortable with the fact that he is going to go bald and simply doesn’t mind.

Then there’s my friend Paul – Paul has also been losing his hair since he was about 18.  I’ve always said to him, “Paul, come in and speak to a trichologist, we can help you”.  The answer from Paul has always been , “yeah right! Course there’s no magical potion that can stop my hair loss – as much as I’d love to, I’m just not going to waste my time and money on something that’s not going to work”.  As much as Paul would love to have kept his previously lush and thick head of hair, he just doesn’t think that treatment will work.

And finally, my friend Danny – Danny is slightly younger than me and his hair began to thin about two years ago at the age of 20.  Danny went traveling and I hadn’t seen him for a while, but when I did his hair looked considerably thinner than it did when he left.  So, as I always do I told him that treatment would help.  Unlike the others, Danny decided to begin a course of treatment.  Luckily for him, results have been superb and his hair is almost back to the thickness it originally was. .. to be continued.

This article was originally posted on 9th March 2007

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