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American Senator, Marco Rubio’s Balding Hits Headlines


American news outlet, The Washington Post caused something of a stir when its ‘Monkey Cage’ political science blog published a story based on an email received from another reporter. The email read:

I am on deadline and doing a piece on Marco Rubio and how his balding hair may impact his chances of winning the presidential election 2016. Can you get back to me at your earliest convenience?

Americans don’t want a bald leader

Republican senator from Florida, Marco Rubio, has found his hairline in the headlines ahead of rumoured 2016 Presidential campaign runWhilst Twitter users scoffed at ‘the urgency of a hair loss email’, there is indeed a long history of Americans choosing not to elect bald Presidents. Appropriately, given it is currently Hair Loss Awareness Month in the USA, the unnamed journalist was clearly looking to examine how this historical hair loss trend could affect the Republican’s chances of becoming President.

Currently serving as the junior United States Senator from Florida, Rubio shows classic signs of male pattern balding and has a family history of hair loss. It looks, from some of the images taken of him at debates, as if the senator may use thickening hair concealers to disguise his thinning, although this has not been confirmed.

The website article quotes from a report which claims that, whilst it is true that there is a well-documented link showing ‘bald and balding men are underrepresented in high elective office’, the cause of this ‘underlying underrepresentation of bald and balding men is not voter bias’.

Whilst further studies would be needed to provide an exhaustive conclusion, given similar preferences in the UK where more hirsute leaders are also favoured, we definitely think there is something to this pattern of not electing obviously bald or balding political leaders to the highest office.

Combat hair loss before campaigning

Belgravia patient successfully treated for male pattern hair loss similar to Marco RubioIf Senator Rubio wanted to leave nothing to chance in his presidential bid, we would recommend he start a comprehensive hair loss treatment programme to ensure his hairline is not a voter issue.

As you can see from the example shown here, and from many others in our photographic Hair Loss Success Stories gallery, we see many patients who respond well to proactive hair loss treatment for male pattern baldness conditions similar to Senator Rubio’s.

This type of treatment, involving bespoke minoxidil preparations, could stabilise his current shedding and combat his receding hairline. Within 3-6 months of starting an effective hair loss treatment plan, the senator should start to see regrowth in the affected areas – all well before his (as yet, rumoured) presidential campaign begins in earnest.

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