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American Footballer Issues Receding Hairline Injury Report


When the odds are stacked against you, the best option is often to put on your best smile and make light of it – something that American Footballer Joe Thomas chose to do when he tried to steer attention away from his team’s poor performance record by joking about his hair loss.

The 31-year-old star of the Cleveland Browns posted a pre-match “injury report” on Twitter before his team’s game against the Tennessee Titans which was welcomed by his many fans in the spirit in which it was intended.

“BREAKING NEWS,” he wrote. “Joe Thomas questionable with a receding hairline.”

Receding hairline didn’t stop play

The Tweet came on the even of his team’s sixth game of this year’s NFL season, which has been one of their worst ever with five successive defeats. Though Thomas did eventually decide that his receding hairline wouldn’t stop play, even his best efforts couldn’t secure his team’s first victory: they lost, again, 28-26. Continues below…


The player, who is under contract to 2018 at a reported fee of $8.3 million this year and $8.8 million each of the next two seasons, is following in the footsteps of millions of men with his self-deprecating comments about his hair loss. Men who lose their hair to Male Pattern Baldness – a genetic condition – notice their hairlines receding over a number of years and are acutely aware that everyone else can see it, too.

They often mistakenly believe that their only options are to let nature take its course or to shave their head, although many men are now aware that clinically-proven hair loss treatments can stop balding in many cases of Male Pattern Baldness.

Well-suited to treatment

At Belgravia we have seen many receding hairline treatment success stories through our non-surgical approach. These hair growth results have all been achieved by tailoring appropriate treatment courses based around one or both of the only MHRA licensed and FDA approved men’s hair loss treatments to stabilise shedding, prevent follicular degeneration from the effects of DHT, and promote hair growth, often further supplemented with additional hair growth supporting products

At 31, and with what could reasonably described as moderate hairloss given the definite thinning edges around his widow’s peak, Thomas looks as if he would likely be well-suited to a treatment course of this kind.

Should he decide he wants to do something about his receding, he at least knows there are reliable, proven non-surgical methods out there. There is also little doubt that Thomas currently has a much greater chance of regrowing his hair than his team has of finishing in the top half of the NFL this year.

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