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Am I Too Old to do Something About my Hair Loss?

Age in itself does not influence the effectiveness of hair loss treatmentsHair loss is a lot like a man’s maturity – it can eventuate or it might never happen. It’s generally a very slow progression but sometimes you might just wake up one morning and realise part of your youth is gone. The good news is, that unlike a man’s immaturity, hair loss can be controlled and older men and women can be confident that age in itself does not influence the effectiveness of hair loss treatments.

In effect, no one is ‘too old’ to consider hair restoration but the stage of your hair loss and how far advanced it is will have an impact on what options are available to you. You could be 70 and only experiencing the early stages of male pattern hair loss so Propecia might be a suitable option. Or you could be 30 and bald as an eagle and may have to think about hair replacement systems– either way there are options available for men and women who are experiencing hair loss, no matter at what age or degree.

Hair loss is like a cold – almost everyone experiences it but the severities of the symptoms vary immensely from person to person. Male pattern baldness generally follows a similar pattern (starting with receding at the temples and balding at the crown), but it could lead to total baldness in some men or just hair loss at the frontal area for others. Similarly, hair loss in women in usually limited to overall thinning, but the degree of hair loss depends on the individual and their circumstances.

Hair loss is largely hereditary but a number of contributing factors come into play as well, which is why men and women experience hair loss at any age from adolescence to their 60’s and 70’s. Some choose to seek treatment early and maintain a regimen of treatment for as long as progressive hair loss continues, while others leave it for a while in the hope that it’s only temporary, or in the disbelief that it’s actually happening, or in the hope they can accept their hair loss as a fact of life and learn to live with it.

Older men and women seek treatment for hair loss for many reasons. It may have begun late in life, hair restoration was never seen as an option, or changing circumstances make hair restoration desirable. It’s not unusual these days for a man or woman to do something about their hair loss because they find it necessary to help their employment prospects, even at age 50 or older. Some men may decide they just want to lose the look of a balding man. In any of these instances, no matter when or why you decide to look in to hair restoration, there is an option that will contribute to the appearance that you wish to achieve.

A consultation with a hair loss specialist will provide you with the answers to your questions about your individual condition and offer recommended treatment based on the type and stage of your hair loss. Whether it’s medical treatments for hair loss, a surgical hair transplant, non-surgical hair replacement or an array of hair growth boosters, consult an expert to help put you in the position to make the right choice when you decide to do something about hair loss.

The Belgravia Centre has been helping people with hair loss for more than 15 years and thousands of hair loss success stories make it clear that it’s not something you have to put up with. Call 020 7730 6666, or send an emailto book a free appointment or for more information. If you can’t make it to the centre, Belgravia also provides individualised mail-order hair loss treatment programs. Simply fill in the online diagnostic form and following an examination by a hair loss specialist, you will be contact with information regarding your recommended course of action.

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10th May, 2009 at 10:48 am


Treatment for hair loss is not for the young people only but for everybody. With the advanced research in science nowadays nothing would be impossible.

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