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Alternative Hair Loss Treatments: Yoga, Meditation

On a scale of 1 to 10, how stressed are you feeling today? We all know that high stress levels are detrimental to our health and well-being and many people are aware that it can cause hair loss. Over the last couple of decades there has a been a boom in alternative health and therapies, so would taking up yoga and meditation be one way of reducing those stress levels and tackling unwanted hair loss?

The Headstand is the Most Beneficial Yoga Move for Hair But Should Not By Practiced by Those With a Heart Problem or High Blood Pressure.Yoga can help the body rebalance and replenish itself and advocates say it keeps them their limbs, skin and hair in tip top condition. This is partly due to the way that the moves and postures relax and massage the internal organs, helping them to release toxins and circulate blood. This means that nutrients reach the skin (and scalp) more effectively and this can improve the condition of skin and hair. Yoga also helps reduce stress levels so it could help prevent further hair loss. Inverted postures such as the Downward-Facing Dog, Standing Forward Bend, Shoulderstand, Headstand, Camel Pose, Cobra Pose and Cow Pose are considered to be most beneficial to hair as they encourage the blood flow to the scalp. The Headstand is also said to increase the blood flow to the scalp but should be avoided by those with heart problems or high blood pressure.

If you would like to try one of these moves, the Downward-Facing Dog posture is as follows: Start on your hands and knees. Rock back and up on to your feet, straighten your arms, chin on chest. Hold, then return to the starting position.

Meditation often involves the practice of deep breathing or ‘Pranayama’. This has been shown to have many health benefits as it lowers blood pressure and reduces stress and tension levels. So, again this could be beneficial for those suffering from stress-related hair loss.

The Camel Pose, a Yoga Posture That is Said to Increase Blood Flow to the Scalp and May Help Prevent Stress-Related Hair Loss.Even if you know your under pressure and life seems really tough, it is still best to get hair loss checked out as there could be a number of other causes, non-stress related, that require a different type of treatment. For example, the most common cause of hair loss is Androgenetic Alopecia, otherwise known as Male Pattern Baldness and Female Pattern Hair Loss. It doesn’t matter how calm and gracefully you handle life’s traumas, if Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is in your genes, hair loss will be a fact of life.

The good news is that it is possible to treat genetic hair loss using hair loss products. The only two that have been through clinical trials and been found to be safe and effective are Minoxidil (for men and women) and Propecia (for men only). When one of both of these products are used alongside the correct hair growth booster, it is possible to prevent further hair loss and restore lost hair. The Belgravia Centre has a team of highly experienced experts who will be able to diagnose the type and stage of hair loss and prescribe a safe and effective treatment programme. To see how well male and female clients respond to treatment, simply view the hair loss success stories page.

If you would like to have your hair loss diagnosed and discuss treatments options, The Belgravia Centre is delighted to offer a free consultation. To book an appointment, call the reception team on 020 7730 6666 or message the centre. If you are unable to visit the centre, just submit the online diagnostic form and a treatment advisor will contact you to discuss matters further.

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Look, you can't restrict yoga in a limit it is benefits for all diseases, I think it is best remedy for each disease, please start it.

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