fbpx Alopecia UK August Deadline for 2018 Research Grant Applications
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Alopecia UK August Deadline for 2018 Research Grant Applications


Leading hair loss charity, Alopecia UK is offering two separate grants of up to £10,000 each to winners of their Research Pots.

Pot 1 is known as ‘The Committee’s Choice’ as the winner will be selected by the charity’s Research Committee, whilst Pot 2 is titled ‘The Patients’ Choice’. This will be chosen by people with alopecia who will vote on a shortlist of up to three applicants’ projects, as nominated by the Research Committee. The winner will be the project with the most votes.

Alopecia UK poll survey vote hair loss charityThese will be awarded to the people considered the best candidates for furthering understanding of the enigmatic autoimmune disorders Alopecia Areata, Alopecia Totalis and Alopecia Universalis. All three cause hairloss in varying degrees of severity to the scalp, head or from head to toe and, whilst no MHRA-licensed or FDA approved options are available for any of these conditions, Alopecia Areata treatment is available for mildest form which affects the scalp only.

Applications must be received by Monday 20th August 2018 using a specific form which can be downloaded from the Alopecia UK website. Anyone unable to download the form or visit the website for more information can contact Alopecia UK directly either via email: info@alopecia.org.uk or by calling 0800 101 7025.

Research Pots grant applications and awards timeline

Anyone applying for these grants is encouraged to read the Hair Loss Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) document, ‘Top Ten Priorities for Alopecia Areata’ – which is linked to from the Alopecia UK research grants page. Submissions relevant to this PSP agenda are likely to be more in-line with what the committees are looking for when looking for the best ways in which to allocate these generous funds.

The timeline set out on the hair loss charity‘s website for the 2018 awards process, is as follows…

20th August – Closing date for applications for both Research Pots
September –    Applications for both Research Pots reviewed by the Alopecia UK Research Committee
23rd October – ‘Committee’s Choice’ award selected along with up to three potential ‘Patients Choice’ projects. ‘Committee’s Choice’ winner and runners up notified.
29th October – Patients Choice projects are put to a vote by those with alopecia
7th November – Voting closes; ‘Patients’ Choice’ winner is notified.

Please note The Belgravia Centre is not involved in this scheme and cannot provide any further details or insights regarding these grants or applications. Please direct all queries to the charity bearing in mind the deadline information set out above.

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