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‘Alopecia Areata, a Bad Diet and Adderall Binges’


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Name: DJ

Question: I have been diagnosed with alopecia areata. Over the last 3-4 months i have developed around 11 or so bald spots. some the area size of the diameter of a pen or pencil. some well over the size of a 50 cent piece. I am 30 years old and have always had very strong thick hair with no history of baldness in my family. Over the last few years I have grown accustomed to popping adderall. Not enough I would say to think I have a problem. My girlfriend gets it and I go on adderall binges where I’ll go 3 or 4 days on it.

On top of that I had a really terrible diet. Never had an appetite. Lived off of red bulls and soda which dehydrates you so I understand how my problem started. I had a bad living situation it was very stressful I have only ever had 2 panic attacks in my life and both were at the end of a 4 day adderall kick. I can see how stressful situations or a major stressful event can be the trigger if you are susceptible to getting alopecia.

When on adderall even if mentally you aren’t stressed out your body will still go through the physical effects of stress. Heart beating in your chest, burning up all your natural energy. It’s not good. I stopped with the adderall, started steroid injections in my scalp and rub rogain 2 times a day in my bald spots. I’m ever so slowly starting to see hair regrowth although its coming in white. And the worst part is the way you see yourself in the mirror with these spots and fighting back letting it stress you out further because it will only make it worse and take longer for hair to grow back. anyway. Just wanted to chime in in case anyone else has this happen to them and is looking for answers. Just be patient. Take care of yourself. Carry a container of water around and stay hydrated and healthy and see a dermatologist. Good luck!

Answer: Hi, DJ – thanks for your comment and for sharing your hair loss experience.

It is unlikely that the Adderall use and poor diet were the causes of your autoimmune disorder – which is what Alopecia Areata is. However, we would certainly caution against this type of drug abuse and always recommend that people follow a balanced diet and get enough sleep as all these issues you mention can cause other hair loss conditions, as well as being generally bad for your overall health.

Even if you are experiencing Alopecia Areata, if you have a genetic predisposition towards Male Pattern Baldness, it is possible for these lifestyle habits to trigger or accelerate hair thinning, both simultaneously and after the Alopecia Areata has cleared up. Whereas the AA will cause bald patches – of the kind you describe – anywhere on the scalp, male hair loss causes thinning hair from areas around the top of the scalp and can also cause a receding hairline.

Belgravia’s specialists customise each hair loss treatment course to the precise needs of each client, including where there is more than one hairloss condition at play. If you find that your shedding changes from sudden clumps to gradual thinning, it may be worth taking professional advice in order to help prevent further hair fall and promote hair growth.

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