Aloe Vera Now a Hair Loss Treatment

Aloe vera has long been revered as the healing plant and known for its miraculous nourishing, softening and moistening effects. More recently however, some of those promoting the herbal product say it’s got hair growth powers as well.

The herbal powers of Aloe Vera are said to extend to the treatment of hair lossAloe vera, native to Northern Africa, took the cosmetic world by storm and it’s evolving into the hair care industry. Its historical use dates back over 5000 years and to evidence that it was a herbal remedy used in embalming mummies, both as a preservative as well as a preventive agent against tuberculosis and other respiratory complications. Apparently Native Americans and people of the Caribbean region have also been using aloe vera for centuries to improve the quality of their hair.

It is alleged to stimulate hair growth by promoting scalp health, balancing pH levels and cleansing the pores. However, while it may well improve the quality of the hair you’ve got, it doesn’t show much promise as a solution to hair loss.

A lot of the time, marketing efforts are overstretched on hair loss products that have no scientific evidence. It’s said that aloe vera’s anti-inflammatory, nourishing and soothing properties help stimulate new hair growth and help to prevent hair loss but there are no clinical studies that indicate that aloe vera would be an effective treatment for hair loss.

Perhaps as part of a combination course of treatments to tackle hair loss, aloe vera could be beneficial. It won’t be the main attraction and it’s definitely not going to be the active ingredient to help stabilise and reverse hair loss, but it does have valuable properties that can help maintain a healthy scalp. The plant may help to relieve itchy, dry or oily skin which, along with hair supplements, will help to improve the overall condition of the scalp. This could provide an optimal environment for new hair growth which can be achieved with the proven hair loss treatments.

If you’ve got some aloe vera growing around your house, give it a go and see if it makes your hair look healthier. Just don’t bother spending money on hair loss products that claim it can re-grow your hair.

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