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All you need is love!


A recent article in the People newspaper proves that in the case of Hayley Burton the Beatles were right… love really is all you need! Hayley and her boyfriend Don Timson are convinced that falling in love brought all her hair back – hair that had had been dormant for seven years.

Hayley suffered from a condition called Alopecia Universalis which causes all hair on the body to shed suddenly.  This hair loss condition can last for a person’s lifetime but due to the fact that the follicles never actually die, there is always a chance the hair will grow back.  Hayley’s hair began to grow back 2 weeks after meeting Don – now she has a fully recovered, thick and vibrant head of hair.

Read the full People Newspaper love story, including an expert opinion by Leonora Doclis, one of the Belgravia Centre’s senior trichologists – PEOPLE NEWSPAPER HAIR LOSS LOVE STORY.

Hair Loss Love Story
All you need is love! Falling in love brings
Back Hayley Burton’s hair. Read the full story.

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