All Night Prayer Session to Restore Receding Hairlines

In what must have been one of the strangest hair loss events of the year, residents of a township north of Pretoria in South Africa were recently invited to a local stadium to pray for their hair to come back.

According to the country’s The Citizen newspaper, the Hairline Restoration All Night Prayer meeting took place at the end of October, and was aimed at both women whose hair loss was caused by weaves (which can lead to Traction Alopecia), and also the genetic condition Male Pattern Baldness.

The Devil stole your hairline!

The Facebook ad for the night (complete with its original spelling mistakes and unconventional approach to grammar) reads as follows: “The Devil stole your Hairline! It is time you claim it BACK!! Join us on the 28th October as we march into the enermy’s camp to restore your stolen Hairline.”

What is especially baffling is that the admission fee is advertised as 50,000 rand which is almost £3,000. VIP tickets were twice that. What seems possible is that the creator of the advertisement got a little mixed up with his decimal points and admission was actually £3-£6.

Unsurprisingly, The Citizen’s tone when writing about the event was a little skeptical. They report that this is, after all, the same prayer group who recently held an all-night event for people who had lost their Tupperware containers.

To the best of our knowledge, there are no recorded success stories of prayers alone restoring a receding hairline although there have certainly been some left-field methods claimed by some to regrow lost hair or help repair hair that has been damaged. These include garlic rubs, drinking the juice of or applying onions to the scalp, washing hair with beer and strangest of all dousing the scalp with bull sperm.

Scalp appreciates loving kindness

What is certainly true is that the scalp does appreciate a little loving kindness as a healthy scalp is critical for healthy hair.

This can come in multiple forms, from conditioners to nutrients. But hair that has been lost to the hereditary condition Male Pattern Baldness can often be helped with intervention in the shape of clinically-proven genetic hair loss treatments. There are only two which are currently licensed by the MHRA and FDA approved for use by men with this condition; these are the oral tablet finasteride 1mg and topical solutions of high strength minoxidil. These work by inhibiting addressing the underlying cause of androgenetic alopecia, and actively promoting hair growth, respectively, and can be used individually or simultaneously.

For women - or men - concerned about hair loss from tight hairstyles traction alopecia treatment can help to repair the damage done by this far from uncommon condition which is often seen in people who wear tight hairstyles and have afro hair due to its naturally brittle texture.

Support is an important part of the equation too, especially for those undergoing treatment so that they can have their progress monitored to check that they are always on the optimum treatment course for their situation at any given time. Whilst praying, for those who choose, won't do any harm, these tried and tested approaches are perhaps more reliable than waiting for divine intervention.
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