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All Eyes on Wayne Rooney’s Hairline

UPDATE 4th June 2011 Wayne Rooney Tweets about Hair Transplant (click for story)

Wayne Rooney has been struggling for years with the early onset of male pattern baldness and with recent allegations about his personal life, as well as the publicity about his footballing contract, all eyes have been on the infamous player and his hair.

The Manchester United footballer began losing his hair in his late teens and has endured years of taunts from his team mates and much media speculation since. Rooney has even been dubbed ‘Bobby Charlton’ in the changing room, a reference to the England legend’s notoriously bad comb-over, rather than his excellence on the ball.

Over the past couple of years, Rooney is believed to have tried several hair loss treatments, which seem to have had some success, stabilising his previously rapidly receding hairline and crown.

Speculation is rife as to whether Rooney has had a hair transplant, although professional opinion is that this is the most unlikely option for his decrease in hair loss. Leonora Doclis, senior trichologist at The Belgravia Centre says, “Although Rooney’s hair loss seems to have slowed over the past year, it is unlikely he has had a hair transplant. His hairline has receded considerably and none of the hair has been replaced. Although it is possible to regrow hair at the hairline in certain cases from the use of hair loss treatments, once the skin is smooth it is unlikely that any hair will be restored to the smooth areas.”

It is thought to be more likely that Rooney began to use one of the popular hair loss treatments such as Propecia, which is licensed by the MHRA in the UK and its US equivalent, the FDA. It works by inhibiting the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the hormone responsible for male pattern baldness.

Until mid-2009, Propecia was banned for use by professional sports players, as the World Anti-Doping Agency believed it could hide illegal steroid use, which can also affect DHT levels, despite the drug having no performance-enhancing benefits itself. This caused an outcry from professional sports players worldwide, many of whom were banned after unknowingly attempting to use the drug.

Rooney HairRooney was one of the first high-profile sports people who allegedly benefitted from the ban being overturned. It’s thought that the decline of his hair loss over the last year is largely down to his use of Propecia, something the Rooney camp has not denied.

Although Rooney’s hair loss seems to have stopped, Leonora Doclis of The Belgravia Centre says he could have done more, “Judging by the photos, it is possible that Rooney has used some form of treatment. It doesn’t however look like he has made the most of his options. An off-the-shelf product can be marginally effective, but to see the best results it is important to use a combination of treatments suited specifically to the individual. There are other treatments that could probably have provided a higher success rate for Wayne, and perhaps still could. I think he could get some more of that hair back on top.”

Although his hair loss seems to have slowed, Rooney has taken to wearing it almost shaven to reduce the appearance of his receding hairline. In a retort to his jibing team-mates, he’s also attributed his success as a striker to his almost-bald pate, remarking: “I’m still working on my heading. But probably the goals are all coming off my bald patch! That’s helping me to score.”

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