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All Blacks Rugby Players’ Hair Loss vs. Other New Zealanders

We recently reported on the results of a New Zealand hair loss survey that looked at the incidence of balding across the country. The Colmar Brunton survey, which was commissioned by a New Zealand hair loss clinic, found that men in some cities were far more likely to lose their hair than those from other cities.

With the All Blacks vs England game coming up this week, we thought we’d look at New Zealand’s squad – who you can watch training in London in the video below – to see if their hair loss was in proportion to that of the rest of the country.

Hair loss in Auckland players

In the study of New Zealanders, Auckland was found to be the capital of male hair loss in New Zealand with 42% of those who lived in the city either thinning on top or being completely bald. The survey suggested that high levels of stress in the city – due to a larger number of office workers – may be to blame for Auckland’s greater reported hair loss.

Yet even in places where the study found hair was abundant, like the Canterbury region, 27% of men still admitted to experiencing hair loss.

Hair Loss in the All Blacks Squad

All Blacks Rugby Player Ben Franks Shows Signs of Male Hair LossAcross the 33-strong All Blacks squad, there is only one player who is displaying obvious signs of hair loss. Ben Franks, aged 30, displays classic signs of male pattern hair loss, including a receding hairline. Interestingly, Ben is from Hawke’s Bay on the North Island – much closer to hair loss capital Auckland than hair-abundant Canterbury on the South Island.

The other 32 members of the squad all have what looks to be a healthy head of hair, meaning only 3% of the squad are experiencing hair loss. It should be noted, however, that although the men play for New Zealand’s squad, many originate from other countries, so it is to be expected that the team may not mirror the rates of hair loss amongst other New Zealanders.

There many also be an element of luck involved, given that around a third of men in this age group would usually be expected to display signs of balding. Having said that, a fit and healthy lifestyle can help keep hair in healthy condition although it cannot prevent the onset of genetic baldness.

hair-loss-treatment-for-men-and-women-hair-growth-boosters-and-minoxidilTreating and preventing male hair loss

As so few of the squad showed any signs of hair loss, they seem to be outperforming their fellow New Zealanders in this respect. However, there is always the possibility that the rugby players – as with reports concerning the Arsenal football team – may have decided to take steps to prevent hair loss and follow pharmaceutical treatment programmes.

Propecia and minoxidil are medically-proven for the treatment of male pattern hair loss and, although Propecia used to be a banned substance for athletes and professional sportsmen, this ban was lifted in 2009.

If you’re suffering from hair loss – rugby player or not – proven hair loss treatments may help to prevent further shedding and encourage regrowth, particularly when used in conjunction with hair growth boosters as part of an individualised treatment programme. Treatment can vary depending on the cause of hair loss, therefore a consultation with a hair loss specialist is recommended in order to correctly diagnose and treat your condition.

Belgravia Centre Hair Loss ClinicThe Belgravia Centre

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