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Ali Dizaei’s Hair Loss Cover Up Doesn’t Hide The Truth


The jailing of a corrupt and disgraced London police chief yesterday, seven years after being cleared of similar charges, was not affected by his simple attempt to cultivate a different image.

Ali Dizaei: Hair in 2006 and 2009If Ali Dizaei thought disguising his hair loss was enough to convince the jury that he was a presentable and respectable policeman, he was wrong.

Many would remember the Scotland Yard commander in the early stages of male pattern baldness, but at Southwark Crown Court yesterday Dizaei appeared with darker, fuller hair.

Like many facets of his life, it is likely that Dizaei’s hair growth is also just a cover, with a spray-on hair loss product suspected to have provided him with a very temporary illusion.

Appearance, one would assume, means everything to this 47-year-old Iranian who played the race card throughout his career to advance through the ranks.

He once snapped at a senior colleague when questioned, according to reports from the Mail Online, retorting: ‘You can’t tell me what to do.’ ‘But I’m your boss,’ the superior said. ‘I have only one boss and that is Allah,’ Dizaei said.

Dizaei became a superintendent of the Metropolitan Police in 1999, despite Deputy Assistant Commissioner Barbara Wilding describing him as the most rude and arrogant man she had met, and allegations made in 1997 by a Scotland Yard informant that Dizaei was involved in drugs, interfering in court cases for money and consorting with prostitutes.

The force had been labelled institutionally racist at the time by the Macpherson Report and, as Dizaei had written a thesis on police racism entitled The Thin Black Line, there was due speculation about the nature of his selection.

By September 1999 a multi-million-pound investigation into his life and integrity had been launched, and Dizaei was subsequently suspended in January 2001.

Dizaei was acquitted in 2003 on charges misconduct and perverting justice.

He was jailed for four years on Monday for the same charges.

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