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Alec Baldwin Is Looking Hair Loss Free at 55: What’s His Secret?

alec baldwin hairAt 55, the majority of men will have noticed some degree of thinning with regards to their scalp hair, but not Alec Baldwin, the veteran actor who recently married 29 year old yoga teacher Hilaria, who is expecting the couple’s first child. The 30 Rock star seems to be maintaining thick hair and a relatively low hairline that shows little sign of hair loss.

Of course, it’s possible that Baldwin got lucky with his genes, and has managed to keep his hair looking great naturally. Because we inherit the predisposition to balding from our family tree, we cannot prevent or cure male pattern hair loss, but it’s possible that we avoid inheriting the gene that leads to it. Also, because the gene isn’t always expressed in those who carry it, it could be that your parents pass on the gene but never bald themselves.

Lucky Genes?

It’s also true that just because someone in your family begins to lose hair from genetic hair loss at a certain age, it doesn’t follow that you will begin to bald around the same time: your hair loss could begin during or after that age (or not at all).

However, if hypothetically the short-tempered actor didn’t get lucky with the genes he inherited, how has he managed to keep his hair looking so good? It’s possible that he may have had a hair transplant, but despite eagle eyed fans being quick to call out any changes in hair density amongst celebrities, there is very little evidence to suggest that this has been the case, and Baldwin’s hairline looks pretty natural.

So, presuming no surgical hair transplant procedure has taken place, how could Baldwin have halted any hair loss and kept his hair looking thick and healthy? It’s possible that the star has been using a hair loss treatment plan that contains at least one of the two medications licensed by the MHRA and approved by the FDA to treat hair loss.

No Balding For Baldwin

The first of these medications, Propecia, is great at restoring hair thickness and for treating a thinning crown (the beginnings of a bald spot). Propecia is a DHT blocker, which means that it stops the follicular miniaturisation that results from the androgen hormone attacking scalp follicles. Once DHT is blocked, healthy hair should begin to grow again, although sometimes follicles need a little help.

This is where the second proven medication minoxidil can come in useful. Once a hair loss specialist has established your ideal daily dose, minoxidil can be taken to stimulate regrowth. As a high strength minoxidil cream, it is particularly effective at regrowing a receding hairline.

Alongside these two proven hair loss treatments, anyone wishing to keep their hair looking great would be advised to add certain hair growth boosters to their daily and weekly hair care routines. Whilst when used alone these boosters cannot tackle hair loss, they can ensure that hair is healthy and looking great. Ranging from nutritional supplement Hair Vitalics to the FDA cleared LaserComb, they can also help any scalp problems, such as dandruff or psoriasis.

The Belgravia Centre—————————————————————————————————–

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