Akshay Kumar’s Shaved Head Sparks Hair Transplant Rumours

Posted by Mike Peake

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A dramatic new look sported by Hindi film legend Akshay Kumar has prompted many fans to wonder if he is experiencing hair loss and is taking steps to deal with it.

The Bollywood star had been the subject of rumours over the new year when there had been reports that he was going to have hair transplant surgery whilst on holiday with his wife in South Africa. It was suspected that the actor had been struggling with the genetic condition male pattern baldness, a very common complaint that is especially prevalent in men of his age (Kumar is 50).

Akshay Kumar Shaved Head Hair TransplantCompletely shaven head

The rumour-mill went into overdrive when the film star appeared on TV recently sporting a completely shaven head. This look is commonly adopted by men just before they have a hair transplant procedure and naturally fans assumed that it was confirmation that surgery had taken place.

However, the actor who was appearing on a show called The Drama Company to promote his new film, PadMan set the record straight by explaining that he had actually shaved his head because it was necessary for the character he was playing. Sources quoted in the International Business Times also said that having to wear a large turban for some of the movie was proving very uncomfortable and that a hairless head had provided some respite.

The International Business Times claims that Kumar may be no stranger to hair loss, alleging that India TV had said that he has already filled out his existing locks with what they term "bonded hair". This may refer to either weaves or hair extensions where wefts made from strands of synthetic or real hair is fixed to the scalp using glue although this cannot be confirmed.

Actors who lose their hair are all-too frequently placed in an extremely perilous condition which can sometimes mean the difference between leading roles and a telephone which suddenly stops ringing. James Nesbitt, who became a household name when he appeared in the hit TV series Cold Feet, has lamented several times that his own thinning locks coincided with an abrupt decline in major job offers. Today, he sports the results of at least two hair restoration procedures and is as busy as ever.

While some actors including Bruce Willis and Vin Diesel effortlessly pull off the bald look, many others go to great lengths to either conceal the fact that they have receding hairlines or thinning crowns, or to take steps to deal with it. A great many actors are believed to use male pattern baldness treatment products on an ongoing basis.

The Belgravia Centre london clinic Mens hairloss treatmentTailored treatment

There are two medications that have been licensed or approved for use on male genetic hair loss by the MHRA and the FDA, respectively. The oral tablet, finasteride 1mg helps to block a testosterone by-product named DHT, which gradually causes follicle shrinkage and hair fall in men with a predisposed sensitivity to it. The second product, minoxidil, is employed topically to encourage new regrowth by opening up the potassium channels in the scalp.

Additional hair growth supporting products can be used alongside these medications; they range from in-clinic therapeutic treatment sessions to home-use LLLT and highly-targeted nutritional support.

Whilst knowing about the options available and choosing which is best for you can be a tough thing to figure out alone, anyone worried about losing their hair who wants to explore what might work for them should consult a hair loss specialist for advice and personalised recommendations.

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Posted by Mike Peake

In this article: Hair Loss | Male Hair Loss

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