Ageing Rockstars and their Changing Hairstyles

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Long, messy hair, a ‘don’t mess with me’ attitude and leather trousers are practically mandatory for any rockstar, but how do the world’s most famous rockers style their hair as they age? With hair loss affecting around 40% of men by the age of 35, it’s definitely a concern for cool celebrities looking to maintain their wild image. We look at some of the world’s most renowned rockstars and how their hairstyles have changed over the years.

Steven Tyler

Nobody could really say that Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler is ‘ageing gracefully’ but the 66 year old certainly knows how to maintain his cool rockstar image. Unlike other musicians who have cut and restyled their hair as they age, Steven has kept his trademark long, shaggy style. Whilst hair loss is definitely a concern for Steve, his current style has enough volume to cover thinning and balding patches, for now.

Mick Jagger

68 year old Mick Jagger takes care of his appearance these days in an attempt to stay looking youthful. Mick’s trademark unkempt, shaggy style which he’s had since the heyday of the Rolling Stones is still evident. Furthermore, the volumised style he is currently rocking is the perfect way to cover any emerging bald patches and maintain his confident, cool image.

Jon Bon Jovi

Jon Bon Jovi is one rocker who has spoken out in the past about male pattern baldness. In the 80’s, Bon Jovi rocked a long, wild, messy mane of hair in keeping with the decade’s trends. Today, he can be seen sporting a shorter, more mature style and he’s had every hairstyle in between (some good, some bad!) At 52, his current, mid-length style keeps him looking great and is easier to manage. In the past, Bon Jovi has tried scalp massage and various hair loss treatments to tackle his receding hairline.

Whilst hair loss and male pattern baldness may be a concern for many rockstars, there are plenty of male celebrities out there who are heart throbs despite, or because of, their balding pate, such as Jason Statham and Bruce Willis. In the world of music however, long, messy hair seems to be synonymous with a wild, rocker lifestyle. The above men needn’t worry though we think they still look great even though they may have shorter, more manageable hairstyles today.

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