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Name: Craig

Question: Hi, I’m 34 and am suffering with MPB and at the moment it’s just a receding hairline with ‘widow’s peak’ syndrome. I only notice how bad it is when my hair is wet otherwise I’ve able to comb the hair over and pretty much get away with it for now. I realise it’s only going to get worse though and was considering whether or not I need a transplant or not. I gather that’s not what you offer though so I’m interested in other options (possibly less expensive ones). I have bought Regaine the past but usually the foam stopped working (and became liquid) so I gave up. Thank you.

Answer: Hi, Craig. If you have a receding hairline we would advise you to have a consultation first so one of our specialists can assess your level of shedding. They can then give you a realistic prognosis about what treatment could potentially be able to do for you. They can also give you recommendations for hair loss treatment courses tailored to your specific needs.

When it comes to hair loss around the temples and hairline, this is traditionally the most stubborn to treat and slowest to grow. There are various formulations of high strength minoxidil and, although you have tried Regaine foam, this may not be the best option for you. Foam can get caught in the hair when, really, as much of the solution as possible needs to get to the scalp in order to have the best chance of working properly.

This topical treatment can also be paired with the daily oral tablet finasteride 1mg - which inhibits the enzyme that causes hair thinning and receding from male pattern baldness - as long as you are medically-suitable.

You may be interested to hear that many hair transplant surgeons recommend men considering restoration procedures follow a pharmaceutical treatment plan for at least six months prior to the operation. By maximising hair growth and stabilising further shedding, this allows them a cleaner area to work with. It also gives men a chance to decide whether they feel the surgery is in fact necessary based on the regrowth they achieve. This is especially worthwhile considering given they will need to continue using hair loss treatments on an on-going basis after having a transplant in order to prevent the hair on the top of the scalp, around the new grafts, from thinning.
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