Advice for Men: How To Get A Haircut To Flatter Thinning Hair

For many men, balding can really impact their confidence, but the good news is that there are haircuts out there that will flatter thinning hair and look great on those who are experiencing the first signs of male hair loss. Use these hair tips whilst undergoing hair loss treatment in order to help conceal areas of concern until your regrowth becomes visible.

Top Tips for Haircuts To Flatter Thinning Hair in MenKeep it short

The number one rule to remember when it comes to haircuts for thinning hair is to keep it short. Many men make the mistake of growing their hair longer, so it becomes bushy at the sides, but stringy and limp on top.

Richard Bresson from Fellow Barber advises men to cut their hair at the first signs of thinning, as “shorter is better.”

He explains, “It's about creating an illusion, moving the eyes away from the thinning top, instead of to the whole cut that's pleasing to look at.”

Men should ask for the sides of their hair to be closely cropped with clippers or scissors, keeping the top short too. Brushing hair to the side to cover the part is also essential, as this draws attention away from the 'problem area.'

A fade haircut or 'Caesar' style can be good options for men of all hair types, whilst a Pompadour - a classic men's hairstyle as worn by the likes of Elvis Presley, James Dean, David Beckham and Olivier Giroud - can also be a great style for creating volume on top towards the hairline, drawing the eye away from a thinning crown.

Use styling products to add volume

Men with a receding hairline or general thinning should use styling products which will boost volume and lift hair. Pastes, clays and sprays designed to add body will help to keep your carefully-sculpted style in place whilst helping to create the illusion of fuller, thicker hair.

Aim for matte-finish products and steer clear of hair gel, particularly wet-look formulas, as these tend to make hair loss more obvious.

Choose a style that suits you

It might be that your hair is thinning so severely that you just can't seem to find a haircut that looks right. Don't worry; if all else fails, just shave your head! Bresson explains, “More men should definitely consider it. It can make you look younger and feel more confident.”

It is important to remember that there are grades of cuts which encompass a range of lengths, so shaving your head doesn't have to mean removing all your hair!  If you don't feel confident enough for a drastic bald look, try using clippers to shave down to a No.2 style which can minimise the appearance of receding hairlines and make thinning crowns less noticeable.

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