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Actors on Hair Loss: Charles Dance

Charles Dance, 64, Does Not Like His Receding Hairline and Growing Bald Spot.Star of stage and screen, Charles Dance, has said the thing he likes least about his appearance is his “disappearing hair”. In an interview with The Guardian, the actor, who is currently playing an evil professor in ITV’s university drama Trinity, said he is not a fan of his hair loss. At 64 Dance is not alone – by this age over two thirds of men have well-developed Male Pattern Baldness.

There are many interesting facts about Charles Dance: he turned down the chance to play James Bond (on the advice of his agent), he made Princess Diana swoon (she declared him her favorite actor) and since leaving his wife of 33 years, Joanna, he has had a string of girlfriends half his age (according to the press). Playwright and theatre director Alan Ayckbourn even said, “Charles Dance? He’s just a bloody matinee idol!” But what is not known is whether Dance has considered using hair loss treatments to maintain the debonair looks he has become famous for.

At the time Dance first noticed his receding hairline, there may not have been the treatment options that are available today. However, the actor might still be able to use these treatments to his advantage. In recent years, there are two medications that have undergone extensive clinical studies and been shown to be effective in tackling hair loss. As a result of these studies, Minoxidil (for men and women) and Propecia (for men only) have been licensed by the medical regulatory bodies in the UK and USA. When these treatments are tailored to suit an individual and combined with the correct hair growth booster, they can stabilise hair loss and restore lost hair.

A Younger Charles Dance Before Hair Loss Became a Concern for the Actor. An early diagnosis and a tailored treatment programme are key to successfully managing hair loss. To see the kind of results that a Belgravia treatment course can bring about, view the regularly updated collection of hair loss success stories.

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