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Politician turned soap actor, Adam Rickitt has been crediting his recent confidence boost to the results of a new non-invasive hair loss treatment regime.

The 40 year old former popstar has been addressing his Male Pattern Baldness by using clinically-proven hair loss treatments to help stabilise his shedding and promote hair growth.

Media outlets from the Manchester Evening News to TV news site DigitalSpy have reported his story, which sounds remarkably similar to that of fellow actor James Nesbitt, who has taken a similar route - backing up two hair transplant surgeries to address his advanced receding hairline with on-going use of established topical and oral hair loss medications.

Adam Rickett
Adam Rickett noticed he was losing his hair in 2017 after having his head shaved for his role in Hollyoaks


"Once I noticed it, it's all I could see"

As viewers of the Channel 4 teen soap opera Hollyoaks may have noticed, Rickitt's character Kyle sports a closely cropped haircut which has frequently exposed his hair loss.

"Once I noticed it, it's all I could see," he explained in a video testimonial for his treatment clinic. This resulted in him having to constantly adjust his camera angles in order to hide his thinning hair from the audience. A particular problem given the youth-oriented show is known for its exceptionally image-conscious, well-groomed cast with thick, shiny hair.

The reason Adam Rickitt gave for chosing to explore hair loss solutions was two-fold, namely the negative effect his thinning on top was having on his confidence and the possibility it may limit the number of roles he was able to play, and thus his career choices, in the future.

He felt sure that if he didn't intervene his hairloss would worsen and he may end up bald - both correct assumptions given the fact that Male Pattern Hair Loss is both permanent and progressive.

At the time, his thinning did not look to Belgravia hair experts - without examining him - to be so advanced as to warrant surgery, but he says he visited some surgeons and was advised by a number of them that surgery costing up to £30,000 was his best option.

It appears the ex-Coronation Street actor's own specialists felt the same as Belgravia's, advising him a hair transplant was unnecessary as a non-surgical hair restoration course - featuring male hair loss treatment medications, LLLT and nutritional supplements - could potentially work for him.

"The thing that worried me most about losing my hair was my career. I could see it might limit the roles I would get. The amount of people you see on TV with no hair isn't that much... The fact is I don't have to worry about [my hair] anymore. I have no problem now having my head shaved or doing a full head shot to camera when I've got wet hair."

Confidence without surgery

This story clearly echoes sentiments expressed by Nesbitt who has been candid about how he has and continues to deal with his genetic hair loss, after being frustrated that he initially had no idea how to handle it given the subject was often kept secret by other men, and even considered 'taboo'. This perceived 'stigma' is something the Northern Irishman has recently said he is happy to have had a hand in busting.

It's certainly not just celebrities who feel this way about losing their hair and wondering what to do about it - nor the effect thinning hair may have on their career - either.

Adam Rickitt's path is also something many men choose, neither wanting - nor needing - to undergo surgery when their level of hair loss made it avoidable. Belgravia hair specialists frequently hear reports from men following personalised hair loss treatment courses comprising key medications alongside additional hair growth supporting products, how they had no idea a non-surgical approach was even possible.

Now, thanks to men - both in the public eye and privately - starting to feel more comfortable talking openly about their own strategies and discussing hair treatment recommendations with friends, it seems many more men are becoming aware of the array of options open to them when it comes to preventing baldness.

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Posted by Sarah

In this article: Hair Loss | Male Hair Loss

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