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A widow’s peak and thinning crown…thinking of starting Propecia what would you suggest?

Confused-manName: David

Question: I have a strong widow’s peak and a slight thinning around the crown. The widow’s peak has fine thin hairs but they are gradually miniaturising and receding further. I have been using minoxidil 5% for 3-4 months and do not see any growth or regrowth in the miniaturised hair. I am thinking of starting Propecia what would you suggest?

Answer: Propecia can indeed help to halt thinning hair, however a combination of this and our high strength minoxidil cream is most suitable for a receding hairline. Belgravia’s pharmaceutical laboratory created a cream formulation based on the fact that you get more of the active ingredients in a small amount of cream compared to a drop of liquid. Minoxidil is a dose dependent medication, which means that the higher strength that a person takes, to a point, means a better chance of regrowth. You can get an idea of the results that can be achieved by taking a look at this blog post.


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