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A Warning on UK Hair Loss Centres – Volume 1

You may or may not have seen Belgravia’s Hair Loss Awareness Site.  Well I’d like to explain the reasons we feel it is important that the general public knows exactly what to expect and what to look out for when visiting any hair loss centre in the UK, and why we provide so much information on this subject.

For many years now we have been receiving stories and complaints about people’s experiences with a number of hair loss centres in the UK (I try to avoid using the word ‘clinic’ when referring to other hair loss organisations as I feel many of them do not come into this category).  Force selling, overpricing and even outright lying is unfortunately a common occurrence that we have come to be aware of within the hair loss industry.

Belgravia’s experts have a strict, open and highly ethical policy of providing people suffering from hair loss or a scalp condition with all of the information they need or request regarding our treatment courses in a completely honest manner – something that should of course be expected from any medical organisation.  We are confident, and can back-up the fact that the courses we prescribe are not only the most effective available, but are also highly affordable and will achieve optimum results in the great majority of cases.  We strive to make sure that extensive research is carried out into every product that comes available and all of the treatments we find to be medically proven, highly effective and safe are offered by the Belgravia Pharmacy as part of our hair loss treatment courses.

After carrying out some research, we are aware of the hair loss products that most of the advertised hair centres sell as part of their treatment programmes.  Much of the time these centres do not have the medical facilities, and furthermore are not willing to invest in the time or expense of offering clinically proven and effective treatments that require a prescription.  Because of this they offer natural or non-prescription treatments which are very cheap to produce and most have little or no effect.

We have proof that many of these centres exaggerate the effectiveness of their own treatments, most of the time claiming that they are the best available and claiming high success rates, but we have also found that many tend to play down the effectiveness of prescription treatments that can’t be offered by them – frequently exaggerating their side-effects and under-exaggerating their effectiveness.  Not only does discrediting the effective treatments encourage people never to try them, but the fact that most of the time they treatments that are offered are mildly effective or don’t work at all makes people lose hope and much of the time give up.

Propecia is a perfect example – it is a fact that Propecia is the most effective proven treatment to prevent genetic hair loss and thicken the hair whilst ensuring safety, with over an 80% success rate.  It has been licensed by the MHRA and FDA approved, meaning it has been deemed safe as well as effective to its cause, but it is a prescription treatment, meaning many of the centres are unable to offer it.  Not only have we heard of a number of consultants claiming the side-effects are too dangerous, but in many cases they have also claimed their natural treatments are more effective.

Just to clear this up; there is no single natural or non-natural treatment more effective than Propecia for genetic hair loss, whilst ensuring safety.  Any-side effects found in clinical trials and in our experience of tens of thousands of Belgravia patients that have used Propecia were only observed in fewer than 2% of men and were mild and either wore off after ceasing usage or shortly after treatment was stopped.  No Belgravia patients have experienced long-term side-effects and no long-term side-effects have been documented.  The effects of Propecia can be further enhanced with the combination of certain prescription treatments.

If you have had a bad experience with any hair loss organisation please let us know and we will be happy to give you help and advice.  As promised, I’ll keep you up-to-date with issues discussed in this post so make sure to check back regularly.  Volume 2 of ‘A Warning on UK Hair Loss Centres’ will be posted soon and provide more information on some of the so-called ‘solutions’ frequently offered by certain organisations, one of which was recently featured on BBC’s Watchdog.

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27th June, 2007 at 11:45 pm


Very good site. Thank you.

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