A Receding Hairline and Dry, Thinning Hair Developed In A Few Months'

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Name: Manish

Question: Hi I’m just 22 and I can feel that I am losing my hair - I got a little receding hairline - I don’t know what is happening to my hairs, 2-3 months before I had a head full of hairs but in 2-3 months I noticed that my hairs are thinning and I am losing my hair. My hair became so dry and always remains in an resting position. I can easily see my hair strands and I have noticed that my hairs are thinning and became dry. I don’t know what actually is happening to my hairs. They were all good before.

Answer:  Hi, Manish. Dry hair is a common side complaint we frequently hear from men with hair loss.

The texture of the hair is affected when it starts to thin and when you say that it 'remains in a resting position', this is quite normal. As there is less hair now, thinning hair often cannot be styled in the same way as before you started to experience male pattern hair loss.

What is happening to your hairs, assuming due to the symptoms you describe, that you have male pattern baldness, is a process called follicular miniaturisation. This occurs when a hormone called DHT binds to the follicles around the top of the scalp and hairline in someone who has inherited an active predisposition to genetic hairloss. The DHT, which is a testosterone by-product, gradually weakens the follicles, resulting in an outward display of thinning hair in the affected areas. This process is progressive and tends to happen over a number of years and can eventually lead to baldness.

The rate of shedding varies for everyone; some men may lose their hair more quickly than others, especially if there are additional factors other than the obvious genetic predisposition at play. Factors that can speed up hair loss include stress, dietary issues, smoking and various other lifestyle issues.

In order to stabilise hair fall, help regrow a receding hairline and thinning hair, and to prevent baldness, you may wish to consider a hair loss treatment course featuring clinically-proven products. This could comprise either suitable topical applications of high strength minoxidil or a daily oral tablet of finasteride 1mg - or both - with additional hair growth supporting products where recommended.

To receive a professional diagnosis of your hair loss condition, level and pattern of shedding, as well as personalised treatment recommendations based on your needs, a consultation with a hair specialist is recommended. They can then provide you with the information you are looking for based on your specific situation.
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