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A Bad Hair Day for Aucklanders


The All Blacks may have won the southern hemisphere’s 2014 Rugby Championship earlier this month, but there’s one area where some New Zealanders are most definitely not ahead of the competition – and that’s hair loss!

The baldness capital

New Zealand Hair Loss PollThe Colmar Brunton poll, a survey carried out recently by a New Zealand hair loss clinic, looked at hair loss in men aged 25 to 50, with some rather surprising results. Auckland, New Zealand’s capital city, is also the baldness capital of the country, with 42% of men living there experiencing thinning hair or total baldness. This figure is higher than anywhere else in the country, and in stark contrast to results from Canterbury, where men are the hairiest – only 27% of men here admit to experiencing hair loss of any kind.

Dated hairstyles

The results also revealed that men from New Zealand’s baldness capital were twice as likely to sport a comb-over than men elsewhere in the country, many of whom proudly embraced their lack of hair.

Comb-Over HairstyleStanding out from the crowd, Aucklander Michael Richardson has proudly sported a bald head since his early 30s, and says he can’t imagine ever wanting to wear comb-over style. He commented, “I started to go bald and I thought it was a better look than a comb-over. I’m originally from the King Country, so I grew up with a lot of comb-overs.”

He points out that far from being a hindrance, there are a number of positives to being bald. “I don’t need to worry about my hairstyle and rain is not an issue. I don’t need to buy product and I’m in a swim team and don’t need a cap.”

Stress and hair loss

But what’s the reason behind the prevalence of baldness in Auckland, compared to other parts of the country? Stress is a major cause of hair loss, responsible for conditions such as Telogen Effluvium, and according to recent research those earning high salaries in pressured work environments may be at an increased risk of lifestyle-related hair loss. With so many white-collar workers in Auckland, this could be the reason why more men in the city experience thinning hair or male hair loss.

On a more humorous note, the survey also asked men to rate themselves as lovers. Interestingly, men who sported a comb-over were the most likely to rate themselves ‘fantastic’ in bed!

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