5 Top Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Hair Loss Treatment

We’ve all seen cartoons in which a liberal splashing of ‘hair tonic’ or 'hair restorer' results in an instant transformation, but science has yet to catch up with the imagination of the animators. At the moment, hair loss treatment courses, whilst demonstrably successful, require a little more patience.

As with many regimes, results don’t happen overnight. That’s why at The Belgravia Centre we are clear to all clients about the time-scale involved, the likely costs, and we try and help manage expectations. In other words, no one leaves either of our two London hair loss clinics expecting to wake up looking like Wolverine! Here are our five top tips for anyone who wants to get the most out of their hairloss treatment programme.

1/ Be patient

Belgravia's Team of Treatment Advisors and Hair Loss Specialists Can Help Ensure You Are on the Optimal Treatment Course at Every Stage

There are multiple causes of hair loss in men and in women, too, each requiring a specific course of treatment. Additionally, every individual is different as, too, is their level of hair loss. So if you were to start treatment today with a friend who was suffering from hair loss, not only might you might leave one of our London centres with entirely different diagnoses but with different treatments, too. All hair loss treatment courses offered by The Belgravia Centre are bespoke, tailored by our hair loss specialists to suit the specific requirements of each client. Your friend might see results in three months; you might need to wait four, five or six months to see regrowth. Or maybe you will respond more quickly to treatment. It’s different for everyone, but all clients need to get through the ‘stabilisation’ phase (in which further hair loss stops) before regrowth can begin, as detailed in our guide to the various levels of regrowth.

2/ Follow your course as directed

Your hair loss specialist is an expert  they are busy every day diagnosing hair loss conditions and creating bespoke treatment courses. And yet you would be amazed how many people whose treatment course is based around Minoxidil, for example, forget to follow the recommended application. They may forget to give it the necessary time needed to absorb into the scalp (four hours is advised although if you need to apply, for example, before going swimming for a short period of time such as when you're on holiday, then allow at least a minimum of 30 minutes before getting the hair wet). Or they forget to apply it for a few days. If you don't follow your treatment as advised, it is unlikely to be as effective. Belgravia's advisors are always on hand to remind clients how to apply minoxidil, and usage instructions, personalised for each client, are clearly labelled on the packaging. Keeping your treatment by your toothbrush and setting alerts on your phone are good ways to remind yourself.

3/ Take a holistic view

There are multiple external factors that play a part in the effectiveness of your hairloss treatment programme, so if you’re not seeing the rapid results you expected, it is worth considering other factors in your life. Your diet, for example, can play a significant part in hair loss, as can excessive drinking and even the decision to stop smoking. Stress, too, plays a big part, so all of these things need to be taken into consideration.

4/ Be honest and open with your treatment advisor

Always Keep in Touch with your Treatment Advisor

Following on from number three, the best way to get the most out of a hair loss treatment course is to keep your treatment advisor informed. If you are suffering from extra stress, or have made dietary changes like increasing your vitamin and mineral intake, by keeping your treatment advisor informed they will be able to offer advice, make treatment recommendations and generally ensure that you are getting exactly what you need to maximise the chances of stopping your hair loss and regrowing your hair.

5/ Be adaptable

Some people get so involved in the routine of their hair loss treatment course that they are reluctant to say anything that may result in it being modified by their hair loss specialist. But it is vital that certain things are discussed with your advisor things like taking a new medication or planning to get pregnant. These and other things will all impact on your bespoke treatment programme. But whatever amendments are necessary to ensure you are always on the most suitable course for your lifestyle as well as your medical and hair loss profiles, they are unlikely to interfere with the routine you have settled into. Close monitoring is a crucial part of Belgravia's personal service and helps clients to get the most out of their treatment.

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