5 Famous Bald Sportsmen

Andre Agassi's Hair The Belgravia Centre Despite a huge change to his hair, it would appear that Agassi has kept his facial expression consistent...

They may be global superstars, but these five male athletes prove that no one is immune to hair loss!

Wayne Rooney

Seldom out of the news headlines thanks to a partially successful hair transplant operation, Wayne Rooney’s hairline is almost as talked about as his footballing skills. Rooney opted to take a surgical solution to his male pattern balding, but the results have been unconvincing, suggesting that the use of medicines may have been a more suitable approach.

André Agassi

With 68 tour titles to his name, Agassi is widely regarded as one of the best tennis players ever. At the peak of his fame in the mid-1990s, Agassi’s unorthodox approach to the game was characterised by his huge mullet hairstyle. However, it later transpired that Agassi had been experiencing hair loss as a result of male pattern balding for many years and was in fact wearing a wig.

LeBron James

Having won two Olympic gold medals and numerous basketball accolades in the USA, James is one of the world’s most valuable players, earning over $17.5 million dollars last season. However, last season LeBron played all his matches wearing a beanie hat - not because he was cold, but because he wanted to hide a rapidly receding hairline.

Zinedine Zidane

Rightly regarded as one of the greatest football players of all time, the World Cup-winning Zidane has shown signs of a receding hairline since the very early days of his professional career. Zidane’s playing career ended with a sending-off in the World Cup final of 2006, and his hair has continued to disappear ever since. Zidane has now taken to shaving off all of his hair to disguise a large bald spot on the crown of his head.

Michael Jordan

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Another basketball superstar, Michael Jordan scored 32292 points during his 15 year career and even had a line of sports shoes named after him. Yet despite all his success on the court, Jordan was also completely bald. Jordan also opted for the shaven-headed look to disguise a receding hairline caused by male pattern balding.

Male Pattern Baldness Take action now!

With the exception of Rooney, each of these athletes chose to hide their hair loss rather than deal with it, but disguise is not necessary - there are several medically proven treatments available which can stop the loss and promote healthy regrowth.

Each of these sportsmen could have benefitted from seeking advice from a qualified hair loss professional as soon as they noticed the hair starting to fall out, potentially preventing the onset of total baldness. The Belgravia Centre sees men and women every week who have sought early intervention and our fully personalised treatment plans have had amazing results as our online archive of success stories shows!

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