5 Bizarre Hair Loss Treatments

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You may recall a post on our blog about the use of cow urine in India as a cure for baldness. This got us thinking about what other weird and wacky hair loss ‘treatments’ are used around the world. You might be surprised by what we found!


Throughout history, beer has been used to add body and volume to limp, lifeless hair, but sadly there is no truth in its rumoured ability to prevent hair loss. The residue of barley and hops may make your remaining hair appear thicker and fuller, but you’ll also have the rather unpleasant side-effect of smelling like you’ve had one too many.


In many Asian countries, where ginger is cheap and readily available, it is said that rubbing a piece of the chopped root onto bald spots will aid in healthy follicle growth. Again, this is very much an unproven myth, although you will probably feel a mild tingling sensation upon application.

Bull sperm

One of the strangest treatments for thinning hair is actually found here in the UK. Aberdeen Organic Bull Semen is used in several salons across London as a treatment to repair and restore health to women's hair. Whilst it won’t actually prevent female baldness, the odourless, colourless liquid is a popular choice with women looking for healthier locks. It’s unlikely that adding this to your hair will have much of an impact, other than ensuring strange looks when you tell your friends about your latest treatment over lunch.


In the US, yeast infection cream Monistat and other Miconazole Nitrate creams are growing in popularity amongst those looking to increase hair growth. The anti-fungal cream could create a healthier environment on the scalp for those experiencing scalp issues, but natural antiseptics such as Tea Tree have the same result. There has been speculation amongst some doctors that the product could boost hair growth, but with side-effects including noticeable shedding once you stop using the product, it’s not really worth the risk.

Onion juice

In some European countries, onion juice is believes to boost the health of your hair follicles. The messy (and odorous) procedure of juicing an onion using the grating method or a food processor may not be the most tempting prospect; not to mention the smell once the juice is applied to your head, blended with a carrier oil. However, it’s thought that the high sulphur content of onion juice could boost hair health. This is likely because the importance of sulphur to hair health has been well-established. However, there is no proof that applying onion juice can prevent or cure a hair loss condition.

At the end of the day, you’ll find bizarre hair loss treatments constantly popping up across the globe, promising to reverse baldness or treat thinning hair. However, if you are concerned about hair loss, the best course of action is to contact a hair loss expert, rather than attempt to self-medicate with dubious “treatments”. A qualified and experienced hair loss expert will be able to diagnose your particular hair loss condition and put together a personalised hair loss treatment programme based on proven medications.

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