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4 Year-Old Must Cut Hair or Be Excluded in School


Occasionally children are kicked out of school, usually for disruptive behaviour that cannot be tolerated. But now a 4 year-old is apparently at risk of losing his place at a pre-school because his hair is too long. Elizabeth Taylor said that officials at her son’s school told her that her son, Taylor Pugh, will be asked to leave if she does not cut his hair.

Last week The Dallas Morning News ran a story in which Ms Taylor said that her son has been learning in a separate room to the rest of his  class at Floyd Elementary School in Mesquite, Texas, after the school’s Principal told her that the boy’s hair was too long at the end of October. The school’s policy states that a boy’s hair should be above the ear lobes and above the collar. Laura Jobe, of the Mesquite School District, said, “Our dress code is designed to minimise distractions in the classroom.”

But Taylor’s parents are not happy. “He only goes two and half hours a day. He’s not a distraction. He doesn’t get teased,” said Ms Taylor who is refusing to comply with the school’s requests due to the fact that Taylor likes his hair long and his father, who has American Indian heritage, also wears his hair long.

Associate Superintendent Cathy Rideout said, “The policy says students can’t go to class out of dress code,” but added that a student will not be excluded from school for non-compliance with the dress code.

However, Ms Taylor said she was told her son will be removed from school if he shows up with long hair. The school says that Taylor will be separated from his classmates unless his hair is cut. Ms Taylor said she is appealing to district officials for assistance to resolve the issue.

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