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‘3 Months in Remote Tropical Area Has Caused Receding Hairline’

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Name: Matt

Question: I was in a remote, tropical area for 3 months with little access to clean water and regular washing. I sweated a lot, and washing was only done once a week. I noticed a significant receding hair line and was wondering how to reverse it?

Receding Hairline After Sweaty Scalp in Tropical ClimateAnswer: Hi, Matt. Whilst this type of poor sanitation is obviously not great for your hair and scalp condition, it is unlikely to have done any lasting damage.

What it may have done, however, is made your receding hairline more apparent. Sweaty, dirty or even just wet hair can look a lot thinner and worsen the appearance of any signs of male hair loss.

Once you are able to wash your hair properly and regularly again, you should notice an improvement. However, if the difference is somewhat negligible you may find that your male pattern baldness is progressing and professional help may be of assistance here.

Stress – emotional or physical – can exacerbate or even trigger genetic hair loss in those with an existing predisposition to this hereditary condition so it could be that your time in the tropics contributed to accelerating this.

In terms of reversing your receding, localised daily applications of high strength minoxidil have been seen to produce significant regrowth results. This is the most stubborn areas to treat but we have had many successes with Belgravia clients using this to treat their receding hairlines. It can also be combined with the daily hair loss pill, finasteride 1mg for a comprehensive approach, depending on your suitability and general pattern of thinning. A range of hair growth boosters are also available, of which the LaserComb may be of interest to help maximise the benefits of your treatment.

A hair loss specialist will be able to talk you through the best options for your specific situation following a free consultation which can take place either at one of our Central London hair loss clinics or, if you are not based nearby, online.

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