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2011 – A Year in Celebrity Hair Loss

Prince William Wedding Hair LossAs 2011 draws to a close and the New Year beckons once more, there’s just time to reflect on some of the big hair loss stories of the year. Here are a selection of celebrity hair loss tales which remind us that regardless of fame or fortune, hair loss can be an unavoidable, but not untreatable problem.


•    A source close to actress Carey Mulligan revealed that she was taking a hair supplement after suffering hair loss due to bleaching while starring opposite Johnny Depp in Public Enemies.
•    Fiery TV chef Gordon Ramsay revealed that he had undergone an expensive hair transplant procedure.
•    Gail Porter shaves her hair into a Mohawk following a reoccurrence of her Alopecia Areata.


•    Colleen Rooney was photographed by the press with a suspected thinning patch. This was it seem a sign of things to come, with all signs pointing to a case of styling-induced Traction Alopecia.
•    Paparazzi catch a rare glimpse of John Travolta’s Male Pattern Baldness when he is pictured in Hawaii without his weave.

Nicolas Cage Receding HairlineMarch

•    The Daily Mail speculates on whether Nicholas Cage has undergone hair loss treatment for his receding hairline.
•    Following an earlier hair transplant, actor James Nesbitt reveals that re-growing his hair, “changed my life.”
•    Strictly Come Dancing judge Jason Gardiner reveals the results of a particularly expensive £22,000 hair transplant.


•    Lady Gaga talks about her struggle with Traction Alopecia after excessive bleaching and colouring. It is later claimed that she is using hair loss treatment Minoxidil to re-grow her hair.
•    In the run-up to the royal wedding, a commemorative coin raises eyebrows when it portrays Prince William with much fuller hair than usual. His hair is as big a talking point before the wedding as bridesmaid Pippa Middleton’s derrière is afterwards.
•    Nigella Lawson pictured in the ever-vigilant Daily Mail with thinning hair due to Female Pattern Hair Loss.


•    DJ Chris Evans reveals that an undisclosed brand of hair growth pills worked too well for him, turning him into a ‘hairy cornflake’.
•    Ryan Giggs is in the news, and not for the first time, when it is claimed that he is undergoing hair loss treatments for Male Pattern Hair Loss.


•    Wayne Rooney has a hair transplant, costing a rumoured £32,000, and kicking off the year’s biggest and most frequently recurring hair loss treatment story.
•    An entirely different Chris Evans (this one the thirty year-old star of Captain America) reveals that he is losing his hair to Male Pattern Baldness. His biggest worry is that, “Captain America is supposed to be like this superior human being. He can’t be balding.”

Beckham Bald PatchJuly

•    Rapper Missy Elliot speaks publically about her battle with Graves Disease, a thyroid disorder which leads to hair loss, fatigue, weight loss and tremors.
•    Former Eastenders actor Jimi Mistry tells how the pressures of fame led to him suffering from Alopecia.
•    Maureen Nolan reveals she suffered hair loss when going through the Menopause.


•    Wayne Rooney is pictured with greying hair – an apparent side-effect of his hair transplant.
•    David Beckham is the subject of a hair loss non-story, when the media publish pictures which apparently show a bald patch on the back of his head. Closer inspection reveals it to be caused by a camera malfunction.


•    LA ink star Kat Von D is alleged to be suffering from stress-related hair loss.


•    As Amanda Knox is acquitted following a long period in an Italian prison, appears to have suffered from hair loss caused by stress.
•    Seinfeld star Jason Alexander shows off a surprisingly full head of hair, thanks to a “semi-permanent hairpiece.”
•    Gary Barlow is photographed with thinning hair around his crown, the results of Male Pattern Baldness.

Wayne Rooney Propecia


•    Serena Williams pictured with bald patch, which may be caused by Traction Alopecia.
•    Comedian Harry Hill makes a joke of his baldness, by briefly wearing a blonde wig on the Jonathan Ross Show.
•    Wayne Rooney’s use of Propecia rumoured to have helped his on-pitch performance.


•    Hollywood actress Selma Blair suffers from post-partum hair loss after giving birth.
•    The Daily Mail reports that Hangover star and heartthrob Bradley Cooper “may be succumbing to a rapidly receding hairline.”
•    Louis Walsh becomes the latest celebrity to have a hair transplant.

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