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15 Year Old Named New Ambassador for Charity Alopecia UK


Joelle Amery Ambassador for Alopecia UK The Belgravia Centre15 year old Joelle has been named the new face of Alopecia UK, a charitable organisation that campaigns to raise awareness of the hair loss condition. Joelle is herself affected by a rare form of Alopecia Areata, first losing her hair at the age of eight.

Within weeks of first noticing the hair loss Joelle had gone completely bald. However the hair loss did not stop there – eventually she lost all the hair on her body. Joelle is affected by the rarest form of Alopecia Areata – Alopecia Universalis – in which all hair on the body, including eyebrows and eyelashes, falls out.

Hiding the hair loss

As a young teenager, Joelle was subject to bullying by classmates who called her ‘cancer girl’, wrongly assuming she was losing her hair as a side-effect of chemotherapy. Like many young women affected by autoimmune-related hair loss conditions, she then took to wearing a wig in public to hide her bald head.

However at the age of 14 Joelle released a music video on YouTube, becoming an Internet sensation overnight. The 200,000 hits and ensuing acclaim provided the confidence boost Joelle needed to make piece with her condition and ditch the wig. She said: “I have accepted that Alopecia is a big part of my life, but it doesn’t define me.”

Moving forward, raising awareness

Joelle is now desperate to raise awareness of hairloss from autoimmune disorders to help other people affected by these conditions to overcome social stigmas.

Hair loss in women has been ‘covered up’ by society, forcing women to hide it more, while it is acceptable for a grown man to be bald. The ultimate goal with all this publicity is to glean as much information about facts and figures, in the hope that more money will be spent on research and ultimately one day, a possible cure,” she was reported as saying.

Joelle’s new role as an Alopecia UK ambassador will see her working with the charity on high-profile projects designed to attract media attention and help ‘personalise’ the hair loss condition. Alopecia UK also works with a number of organisations to try and influence hair loss research planning for the benefit of its members. Alopecia UK actively canvasses people affected by hair loss to this end.

Currently, although Alopecia Areata Treatment can often tackle the mildest, scalp-only form, there are no truly reliable options for the more extreme phenotypes which cause baldness of the head, and from head to toe – including Alopecia Universalis.

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