fbpx 12-Year-Old Strathaven Boy Makes “Bald” Move For Charity
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12-Year-Old Strathaven Boy Makes “Bald” Move For Charity


Tom O’Hara Before and After The Belgravia CentreIn his final year of primary school, 12-year-old Tom O’Hara wanted to do something that would remain in the minds of his teachers and fellow students. In his own words: “As the oldest boy in the school, I wanted to do something different before I leave so my friends and teachers will never forget me!”

With this goal in mind, the Strathaven schoolboy decided to do something for a good cause by shaving his head for charity during his school fair. Tom explained on his Justgiving page: “I have always had my hair quite long and thought it would be quite fun to have it shaved just to see what it is like. My brother and sister think I will look like a jelly baby but I don’t care!”

Going bald for a good cause

Tom decided to donate his sponsorship money to Macmillan Cancer Support, one of the UK’s largest and most well-known charities. Its mission is to improve the lives of people living with cancer by providing practical, medical and financial support. Another one of the charity’s key missions is to campaign for better cancer care.

Tom’s Justgiving page contains details about his choice of charity: “I know sometimes when people are ill they lose their hair and this is not something they choose. As I am choosing to do it I thought it would be good to give the money to a charity that will help people with cancer and support them when times are tough.”

Chemotherapy treatment uses anti-cancer drugs to destroy cancer cells. However, a side-effect is that these drugs also impact healthy, normal hair follicle cells. This leads to hair loss during chemotherapy treatment. The hair loss generally isn’t permanent, and usually grows back once treatment is over.

Raising as much money as possible

Campaigning hard for donations, the energetic schoolboy also spent the morning of the shave selling raffle tickets. His efforts paid off, eventually smashing his initial target of £500 and raising more than £1,000.

Tom admits to feeling slightly nervous leading up to the big event, but is now happy with the result.

“I was a bit scared at the start but once my hair was all shaved off, I felt good about it. My head now feels really cold but it was worth it for charity.”

Tom’s mum Nicki O’Hara supports her son’s actions, saying: “I’m very proud of him and Tom is delighted to have raised so much money for such a worthwhile charity.”

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