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No VAT on Belgravia’s Hair Loss Treatments


Belgravia Centre PiccadillyRecent news headlines everywhere seem to be focussing on how millions of us have been rushing to the shops and stores to beat the VAT rise – and the Belgravia Centre has been no exception, seeing a huge but unnecessary surge in appointments over the bank holiday.

So we thought that we should remind you of two important benefits available to all hair loss sufferers:

  • Belgravia’s home-use combination courses consist of the only treatments medically and clinically proven to reverse male and female pattern hair loss in most cases.
  • All Belgravia’s hair loss treatments 100% free of VAT, meaning a direct saving of 20%

So if you want the best results in the shortest possible time at an affordable cost for most, contact us on 0800 077 6666 or message the centre. Our hair loss success stories show how effective a Belgravia treatment course can be.

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22nd January, 2011 at 7:41 am

Hair Loss

This is a really great incentive. It's nice to know that the company understands we have enough to deal with as it is, and giving us this small break can go a long way.

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