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10 Ways to Prevent Hair Loss

There are several steps you can take to help prevent hair loss, some of which can be fitted easily into your everyday routine, others may require  professional hair loss treatment. Here’s our top ten ways to help prevent hair loss.

Food for hair lossDon’t scrimp on sleep: Like the rest of our bodies, hair needs sleep as it is during this period that it recovers from the stresses of the day and concentrates on growing. Good quality sleep, for a period of eight hours a night, can help improve the strength and condition of your locks.

Eat for your hair: There are certain foods that prevent hair loss. A diet rich in protein and potassium will ensure your hair receives all the essential nutrients it requires. Protein helps strengthen Keratin, while potassium is an essential element in preventing hair loss, as it regulates your hair’s PH balance and acts as a conditioner, helping the hair to stay healthy and strong from the root.

Take your supplements: If you are eating on the go, or just want to give your hair an extra boost then vitamin supplements are an excellent way of helping your hair receive its essential nutrients. Supplements such as Belgravia’s Hair Vitalics, a daily herbal pill, can help keep your hair at its healthiest when taken regularly.

Be careful with hair extensions: Wearing hair extensions over a long period of time, or even just use of extensions of poor quality, can cause damage to you natural hair. In severe cases this can cause hair loss, as demonstrated recently by Naomi Campbell. If you are having extensions applied, then ensure they are done by a qualified hairdresser and made of good quality hair.

Practice massage: It is thought that scalp massage can stimulate blood flow in the area, easing the path of nutrients to hair follicles, and it’s a perfect excuse to pamper yourself!

Look after your body: Using and abusing drugs, whether in cigarettes, alcohol or illegal substances can all aggravate hair loss, whether through dehydration or the prevention of key nutrients reaching the hair.

women hair lossReduce friction: If you often wear your hair up, or in tight styles such as cornrows or braids, then try to give your locks a day off if possible. Constantly wearing your hair in styles which are pulled tight creates a high level of traction and friction on the hair, which can lead to a hair loss condition called Traction Alopecia.

Avoid chemicals
: Be careful of any treatment which chemically affects your hair, whether dyeing, straightening or perming. Continuous application of these treatments can have an adverse effect on your hair as the chemicals used in them cause damage in the long-term.

Stay calm: In many cases hair loss can be triggered or aggravated by stress. Techniques such as meditation and yoga can help reduce stress related hair loss.

Medication: If you are seriously worried about hair loss, seek professional advice. In many cases, hair loss can be stabilised, if not reduced, through a combination course of two treatments, Propecia and Minoxidil, plus varous hair growth boosters suited to the individual hair loss sufferer.

If you’re worried about hair loss, book a free consultation with us as soon as possible or simply fill out an online diagnostic form.

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