Belgravia Takes Environmentally-Friendly Steps

The Belgravia Centre is taking steps to become more environmentally-friendly.

Change is happening

As changes are rolled out across Belgravia’s product ranges and services, as well as its Central London and City of London hair loss clinics, we will add them to this page. New announcements will also be posted to our hair loss blog.

So, keep checking back for updates and if you have any eco-friendly suggestions for us, please do leave a comment below!

Belgravia-Centre-London-Hair-Loss-Clinic-New-Carrier-Bags-Recycled-Paper-Recycle-Eco-Friendly.jpgPaper and plastic recycling facilities

Belgravia’s offices and administrative areas have designated recycling facilities for paper and eco-friendly plastics.

Recyclable paper coffee cups

Following the installation of new coffee machines in the waiting areas at both Belgravia’s London hair centres, recyclable paper coffee cups are being introduced.

Every day the bins in which discarded coffee cups are placed are sorted through by our professional cleaning team and everything that can be, is recycled.

Battery recycling

Both Belgravia Centre clinics have facilities for recycling old batteries.

Recycled carrier bags

In a bid to reduce plastic waste, Belgravia has introduced premium quality recycled paper carrier bags, available in two sizes, which can be re-used and, once finished with, can also be recycled themselves.

These are offered to clients collecting hair loss treatments and/or shampoos or hair growth booster products, such as Hair Vitalics, in person from Belgravia’s London hair loss clinics.


RainforestBelgravia-Centre-Hair-Loss-Clinic-Eco-Friendly-Steps.jpeg Alliance certified coffee

We are often complimented on the coffee served at Belgravia’s hair loss clinics and, as well as being delicious, it is also eco-friendly! Belgravia’s New Street hair loss clinic, opposite Liverpool Street Station started using Rainforest Alliance certified coffee beans, which were such a hit they were also rolled out to our Central London base.

This means the providers have been rigorously investigated and passed the strict criteria for environmental and social impacts required to receive this official certification. The Rainforest Alliance advises that these ecologically-sound practices contribute to better bean quality which results in the outstanding flavour our clients love!

Printer cartridge recycling

Belgravia’s printer cartridges in the administration areas of both the City of London and Central London hair loss clinics are recyclable, and measures for ensuring end-of-life cartridges are recycled have been put in place.

We are constantly working to become more and more environmentally and will update this page with any eco-improvements.


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