Belgravia Centre Hairdresser Partnership

Do you often notice early signs of hair loss on a client that they may not yet have noticed? Or have a client in despair asking what can be done about their receding hairline or thinning crown?

Belgravia Partner Hairdressers

Introducing The Belgravia Centre hairdresser partnership programme

Joining forces with The UK’s leading hair loss clinic will give you as a hairdresser the opportunity to offer through us, the very best advice to any of your valued clients who are worried about hair loss, whilst taking advantage of financial benefits offered to both you and your client. Best of all, we will do all the work and you will receive a recommendation fee for every client that takes up our treatment services.

As a Belgravia partner you will have a personalised page set up on which will be used as an information portal for your clients for advice on exactly what they can do to reverse their problem and what results they are likely to achieve. Hairdressers will also receive information booklets to hand out to their clients containing detailed and helpful information on hair loss prevention and reversal. The simple guide can also be used by you and your hairdressing team to digest some useful information that can be offered to clients to assist them in solving their hair loss problems.

You will be provided with vouchers for your clients so that we can track each and every patient that you recommend. You will also receive non-adhesive ‘static cling’ stickers to attach to your mirrors meaning if they are worried they know they can ask their hairdresser for advice, avoiding any uncomfortable moments that might otherwise arise from the hairdresser bringing the matter up.

What can Belgravia offer to your clients?

Belgravia Centre Entrance

As The Belgravia Centre is home to the only in-house registered pharmacy dedicated purely to treatments for hair loss, you will be able to rest assured that your clients will benefit from the very best solutions for hair loss that will clear up their problem and regrow hair in the great majority of cases. That is why Belgravia is the most well-known and trusted hair loss clinic in the UK and perhaps the whole word.

If you are still a little sceptical of the results our treatment programmes can achieve, view our online collection of hair loss success stories – it is the largest of its kind in the world and includes genuine patient comments and their ‘before and during treatment’ photo-scans. Most of the hand-written comments are taken from our clinic comments book which is found on the Belgravia reception but many are also from our Facebook and Google pages.

Each client you recommend will be provided with a 10% discount voucher to be used on any treatment programme that is recommended to them from The Belgravia Centre.

What benefits will you as a partner hairdresser receive?

As a Belgravia partner, you will receive a 20% recommendation fee on any treatment programme that your recommended client purchases from The Belgravia Centre for their first 12 months of treatment. As Belgravia’s treatment courses range from £800 to £2000 per year, this could earn your salon a healthy additional sum on a monthly basis. As hair loss is something that affects more than 50% of men and a fairly high number of women, some hairdressers have earned an extra £4,000 a month per salon.

If you would like more information please send us a message and somebody will be back to you within 24 hours to discuss what benefits our hair loss services can bring to you and your clients.

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