Hair Loss in Women

An Introduction to Women’s Hair Loss

If female hair loss is your concern take a few minutes to read this very important section. If you are a woman experiencing hair loss it could save you time, money and a great deal of frustration. Contained herein is all you need to know about the hair loss conditions that predominantly affect women. You will also learn about the female hair loss products that are proven to work and have already helped thousands of women to stabilise hair loss and encourage renewed hair growth. Your aim should be to seek the best professional advice and female hair loss treatments in order to achieve optimum results. You should also seek the finest service as well as the best value. These are all the essentials that The Belgravia Trichological Centre sets out to achieve for every woman experiencing hair loss.

There are many claimed remedies for female hair loss, but which treatments are medically proven to work and which are not? Minoxidil is the only product that is medically and scientifically proven to stabilise female genetic hair loss and stimulate renewed hair growth and is also highly successful in treating other forms of women’s hair loss. Belgravia’s female hair loss before and during treatment’ photo-scans, taken of all our patients who visit for clinical check-ups, are evidence of this. Here you will find out how Minoxidil works, how successful it can be and of any possible side-effects. We also inform you why Belgravia’s team of hair loss specialists, pharmacists and doctors recommend a full treatment course with additional treatment ingredients and ‘boosters’ which greatly enhance results for women’s hair loss.

Minoxidil is the only treatment for female hair loss that is clinically proven and has had extensive, recognised clinical trials carried out. For women, it is very important to keep the body in the right condition in order to grow healthy and thick hair. For this reason Belgravia also aims provide the suitable vitamins and minerals to maintain women’s hair to its full potential in order to avoid female hair loss – Hair Vitalics is Belgravia’s daily supplement that does just that.

As well as information on the optimum female hair loss treatments, by searching in the menus to the right of this page you will be able to find extensive information on the female hair loss conditions that are most likely to effect women. These are Female Pattern (genetic) Hair Loss – the most common form of female hair loss, Telogen Effluvium – hair loss brought on by a sudden event which causes the follicles to move from the active growth phase to the resting phase, and Diffuse Hair Loss – female hair loss brought on by internal factors other than genetics.

There are however more hair loss conditions that can affect women including Alopecia Areata and Traction Alopecia.

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