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Young Girls Donate Hair to Hair Loss Charities

Little Princess TrustHair loss can be a difficult thing to deal with for adults of any age, regardless of their situation or background. However, recently some brave young girls have chosen to lose their hair voluntarily, and donate it to a charitable cause.

Never Too Young To Help

Seven-year old Jessica Smith, from St Dunstan’s Hill in Sutton, cut her long golden tresses for the national hair loss charity Little Princess Trust, after being inspired by an American cousin who decided to donate her hair to a similar charity in the US. Jessica was able to raise £350 in sponsorship money for the charity before having her hair cut at the end of last month, a sum that will hopefully make a huge difference to the cause. Jessica’s mother Sinead Smith said: “It was really all her idea; she really wanted to do it.”

Jessica’s kind act has since been replicated by ten-year-old Connie Simmons from Southwick, Sunderland, who donated seven inches of hair to the trust in memory of her grandmother, who died of cancer in February of this year. “I’m happy to lose my hair for a good cause and to help people,” Connie explained. In addition to her hair donation, Connie has also raised £400 for Macmillan nurses, a result that is testament to her hard work and drive.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Monica Glass, charity manager of Little Princess Trust, commented: “It is through such kind actions and donations by people like Connie that the trust can continue its work…as a result of donations of hair, like that from brave Connie, the Trust receives a number of free wigs, which we can then pass on to families in need.”

Following in the footsteps of these girls, another Jessica, eight-year old Jessica King, has also made a donation to the charity. Jessica King, from Ashfield Way in Hazlemere, raised money from friends and family by donating her hair at the beginning of December. “Hair is very important to little girls, but she really wants to do this,” said Jessica’s father, Dean King, in support of her actions.

A Worthwhile Cause

The Belgravia Centre has sponsored and supported The Little Princess Trust for a number of years, in recognition of the charity’s work providing real-hair wigs to boys and girls up to the age of 18, who have lost their own hair through the effects of cancer treatment as well as conditions such as Alopecia. Since its creation in 2006, the charity has helped provide wigs for over 1,200 children in the UK and Ireland, each one carefully matched in colour as close to the child’s original hair as possible. Since the charity provides these wigs free of charge, they rely heavily on the generous donations of others and it is therefore very encouraging to see young people raising so much money for the cause.

To find out how you can donate hair, time or money to this charitable cause, please visit the Little Princess Trust website.


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