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“Why Can’t I Grow My Hair Long? It Hasn’t Grown in Two Years”

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Name: Hannah

Question: My hair won’t grow it hasn’t grown in two years🙍🙍🙍🙍😖😖😖😖😖 and I was trying to grow it out to my hips

Why Can't I Grow My Hair Long?Answer: Hi, Hannah. There are a number of reasons why you may not be able to grow your hair past a certain point.

Having your hair cut regularly will maintain its existing length but will not allow the hair to grow longer. In order to gain extra length you will need to either visit your hairdresser less frequently or have less off when you go for a trim.

This issue could even be as straightforward as a simple cosmetic styling problem, where your hair is breaking off, preventing it from growing properly. Hair breakage from harsh hair ties or accessories is quite common. Styling damage caused when the hair becomes too dry and snaps thanks to an over-reliance on heated hair styling tools such as curlers or hair straighteners is also a possible reason your hair cannot grow past a certain length.

This type of breakage can also occur if your hair becomes malnourished through dietary deficiencies which can also lead to the temporary hair loss condition Telogen Effluvium. If you notice you are shedding more hair than normal, it is best to take professional advice from a hair loss specialist. They will be able to recommend a personally-tailored course of hair loss treatment, paired with beneficial hair growth boosters such as the HairMax LaserComb.

Issues with iron intake – too much or too little being absorbed into the body – can also prevent proper hair growth. These can also be linked to thyroid disorders so it may be worth seeking medical advice to ensure this isn’t an underlying problem.

Another point worth bearing in mind is that you can only grow your hair according to the length of the anagen phase of your hair growth cycle. This period, which is the active growth stage, shortens as we get older hence we can grow our hair perhaps to the waist when we are younger, but often it can only grow healthily to just past our shoulders as we get older. The life cycle of our hair is genetically determined and, although it can be helped by diet and lifestyle or styling factors to a certain extent, in short, your genes dictate how long you are able to grow your hair.

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