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‘What is the Best Way to Treat a Receding Hairline?’

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Name: Cameron

Question: hi, I’m 21 and I have a receding hairline. what is the best option and how much does treatment cost? many thanks

Answer: Hi, Cameron. Hair loss around the front of the head, whether thinning edges or a receding hairline, can be stubborn to treat as hair growth is slowest in this area of the scalp.

At Belgravia we recommend treating a receding hairline with two different pharmaceutical elements and various hair growth boosters can be added in to bolster their effects as appropriate.

The first treatment that would form part of a personalised male hair loss treatment course from us would be a product featuring high strength minoxidil as recommended by your dedicated hair loss specialist. Our in-clinic pharmacies carry a large range of formulations, all of which are applied directly to the thinning areas either once or twice per day, as advised by your specialist. This helps to accelerate regrowth.

In our many years of experience treating hair loss and helping men to regrow receding hairlines, we have found optimal results are often achieved by combining the topical use of the minoxidil with a daily oral tablet, finasteride 1mg. This is designed to block the enzyme dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which causes the hair to thin in cases of genetic hairloss due to an inherited sensitivity to this substance. This combination treatment approach has helped many men to gain significant regrowth results, as can be seen in our Male Hair Loss Treatment Success Stories gallery.

Hair growth boosters such as the handheld LaserComb device and Hair Vitalics food supplements, are designed to improve the condition, health and strength of your hair as well as further assist the action of your treatment course. These can be added in from the start of your treatment or you decide to try them further down the line as you see fit – your specialist will be able to give you advice as to which boosters are the most appropriate for your specific situation.

In terms of price we offer a variety of courses and payment options to suit almost everyone, however as a rough guide, the price of our hair loss treatment is generally between £600 and £2,000 per year depending on which course you opt to go for.

The Belgravia Centre Hair Loss ClinicThe Belgravia Centre

The Belgravia Centre is the leader in hair loss treatment in the UK, with two clinics based in Central London. If you are worried about hair loss you can arrange a free consultation with a hair loss expert or complete our Online Consultation Form from anywhere in the UK or the rest of the world. View our Hair Loss Success Stories, which are the largest collection of such success stories in the world and demonstrate the levels of success that so many of Belgravia’s patients achieve. You can also phone 020 7730 6666 any time for our hair loss helpline or to arrange a free consultation.

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