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The Balding Cast of Breaking Bad

Bald men of Breaking Bad the Belgravia Centre

Breaking Bald? Mike, Jesse, Walt and Hank

Billed by some as the most important TV series of the past decade, Breaking Bad has cultivated a huge following across the world over the course of its five-season run. Aside from the gripping storyline about a teacher-turned-drug manufacturer, Breaking Bad also stars a surprisingly hairless cast, which even sparked a popular internet meme claiming that the on-set hairstylist had the production’s easiest job.

Let’s take a look at the main characters and their hairlines:

Walter White (Bryan Cranston)

During the first series of Breaking Bad the lead character, Walter White, is diagnosed with cancer. As the side effects of his chemotherapy kick in, Walter shaves the rest of his hair off. However after being told his cancer is in remission, Walter chooses to maintain his bald style.

Off set, 57-year-old Bryan Cranston has a relatively healthy head of hair, although he is showing signs of a receding hairline at the temples. Approximately half of all men his age will also be experiencing hair loss.

Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul)

As Jesse’s partnership with Walter White deepens and his life spirals out of control, he also opts for shorter hairstyles, settling eventually on a buzzcut.

In real life, Aaron Paul is clearly showing signs of receding hair due to the onset of Male Pattern Baldness. Despite being just 33 years old, Aaron is one of the third of so of men his age who begin to lose their hair.

Hank Schrader (Dean Norris)

DEA agent Hank Schrader begins and ends Breaking Bad bald. Hank’s no-nonsense approach to investigating drug crime is matched by his unchanging hairstyle.

51-year-old actor Dean Norris has experienced significant hair loss due to Male Pattern Baldness. This has resulted in his familiar bald appearance, leaving Norris with little more than a few patches of hair at the back and sides of his head.

Could they have saved their hair?

The balding baddies are generally over 50 years of age and it is likely they would have lost their hair before any clinically proven treatments for hair loss would have been available. If they would have been born 20 years later it is likely they would have done something about their problem to prevent it before it was too late, but would they have got the job?

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