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‘Pretty Bald’ Calendar Raises Funds for Alopecia Charity

You may be used to seeing naked charity calendars, but you may not have seen one quite like this before.

Pretty Bald’s 2015 calendar is a unique concept. The charity’s light-hearted take on a girls’ weekend at a country house features 12 gorgeous models baring all for the camera, alongside photos of croquet, tea on the lawn and even wigs, in places they wouldn’t normally be found. Story continues after the video.

Beautiful and bald

Launched in September to coincide with Alopecia Awareness Month, Pretty Bald’s calendar wants to send the message that bald is beautiful. The models in the calendar have been affected by Alopecia, therefore proceeds raised from the sale of calendars will go to Alopecia UK.

You might wonder at first glance why one of the calendar girls has hair. Miss October, Elin, is the twin sister of Miss December, Gwen, who was diagnosed with Alopecia 12 years ago and Elin has always supported her sibling. So when Gwen signed up to model for the Pretty Bald calendar, it made sense that Elin would be there with her, supporting her.

Pretty Bald Alopecia Calendar Girls 2015Raising awareness

Victoria, the calendar’s organiser, commented:

“Having had Alopecia for nearly three years, I’m pretty comfortable in my own skin and am really open about Alopecia, mostly because I have a fantastic support network. Many people I have met really struggle with the condition and it becomes a barrier to doing what they want and being who they want to be.”

Types of Alopecia

Alopecia can affect anyone of any age and race, although women are more likely to be affected than men. Alopecia Areata, the most common type, experienced by celebrities such as Gail Porter, can cause patchy hair loss. This can sometimes develop into two more severe forms: Alopecia Totalis, in which all hair on the head is lost; or Alopecia Universalis, in which all hair across the body is lost. The more advanced the hair loss, the more difficult the condition is to treat.

Therefore it’s crucial that anyone who notices patchy hair loss immediately consults a hair loss expert. They can determine the cause of your hair loss and recommend a bespoke Alopecia treatment plan designed specifically for you, to address the root cause of the problem and prevent further hair loss from occurring.

You can help raise awareness of Alopecia and show your support for those experiencing hair loss by heading to the Pretty Bald website, where you can buy the calendar for £10.

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