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Potential Hair Loss Cures for Prince William’s Thinning Crown

The Belgravia Centre Director Jonny Harris was recently asked to contribute to a Daily Mail story on the Duke of Cambridge’s hair loss, looking at possible cures for his thinning crown.

Prince William clearly suffers from Male Pattern Baldness like his father, Prince Charles. The Mail asked a range of hair loss experts what they thought of rumoured cures for baldness and whether they really could help restore the heir’s hair. The Belgravia Centre director, Jonny Harris, advises on potential hair loss treatments for Prince William in The Daily Mail

Scalp massages and hair loss

When asked about whether scalp massages and other physical methods of increasing blood flow to the scalp, such as headstands, could help William’s male hair loss, Jonny explained:

‘You can see why men think scalp massages, headstands, handstands and the like will work because minoxidil, one of the medications that does work for hair loss, also increases blood flow to the scalp. It is what we call a vasodilator — or something that widens blood vessels.’

‘However,’ continues Jonny Harris, ‘just because one vasodilator works with male pattern baldness doesn’t mean they all do. So no, these techniques won’t work.’

Advice for treating Prince William’s hair loss

Drawing upon his vast hair loss treatment experience here at The Belgravia Centre – where our Hair Loss Success Stories, which document patients’ ‘Before and After’ progress pictures, have now passed the 1,000 mark – Jonny recommends that, should Prince William decide to treat his hair loss, it would be best for him to follow a simple but effective medicinal treatment programme.

This would involve products that have been medically-proven to combat hair loss and promote regrowth in the affected areas.  The primary components of this type of treatment plan would be Propecia, an oral dihydrotestosterone (DHT) inhibitor which blocks the hormone responsible for attacking hair follicles, and minoxidil, as mentioned above. These would be included as part of a comprehensive treatment programme, including additional hair growth boosters, at a cost of around £150 to £350 per quarter.

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