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Mineral Deficiency and Hair Loss

Milk The Belgravia CentreLike any other tissue in the body, the skin and hair is dependent upon a broad spectrum of nutrients to maintain normal, healthy function. Where hair is concerned, the most obvious vital nutrients are proteins, because certain amino acids, of which particular proteins are composed, are the basic building blocks of keratin – the substance from which hair is made.

However, another equally important family of nutrients for healthy hair growth and regrowth are minerals – chemical elements other than those most frequently found in organic compounds (hydrogen, oxygen, carbon and nitrogen), that have key functions within the body. Below you can find information about deficiencies in a number of these substances, and the effect this will have on your hair.

Calcium Deficiency

Without calcium, vitamin D – a substance that is crucial for strong bones and hair – cannot function. Therefore, a calcium deficiency will result in symptoms similar to the vitamin D deficiency, Rickets, which can cause hair loss.

Iron Deficiency

As a critical component of the oxygen-transporting protein haemoglobin, a deficiency in iron will cause a particular kind of anaemia. As healthy blood supply is crucial to supplying hair follicles with enough oxygen to grow hair, anaemia can cause diffuse hair loss.

Iodine deficiency

Too much or too little dietary iodine can lead to hypothyroidism, a condition where the thyroid gland produces too little of the hormone thyroxine. Along with causing a sluggish metabolism, hypothyroidism can also cause thinning hair.

Selenium deficiency

Selenium is only needed in tiny amounts, but it is believed to have an important role in promoted hair health. It also assists with the metabolisation of iodine, and so too little selenium can be another cause of hypothyroidism.

Magnesium deficiency

Like Selenium, Magnesium helps the body take up another nutrient – in this case, calcium. As such, a magnesium deficiency can lead to similar symptoms to a lack of calcium.

Zinc deficiency

Zinc is important for a particular phase of the hair follicles’ growth cycle, when they begin to produce a new shaft at the start of their anagen, or growth phase. Without enough zinc, this process cannot be completed and hair loss will occur.

A well-balanced solution

A balanced diet is necessary to prevent hair loss, as these minerals and other nutrients are of critical importance in preserving the health and thickness of your head of hair. However, it can sometimes to be difficult to obtain the full range of nutrients you need, either due to time pressures or other health problems.

The experts at The Belgravia Centre have a range of hair loss treatments available to help alleviate hair loss caused by mineral deficiencies, from proven medications like Minoxidil and Propecia to our Hair Vitalics nutritional supplement. This supplement has been carefully formulated to offer precisely the right balance of minerals and vitamins to boost hair growth and restore lustre and shine.

If you’re concerned about hair loss that may be due to mineral deficiencies; talk to the experts. Contact The Belgravia Centre today on 0800 077 6666 or get in touch online to arrange a free, no obligation appointment. Alternatively, if you can’t make it to our London clinic, you can complete our online diagnostic form for a remote diagnosis and home-use treatment programme which can be sent to you in the post.

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