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Tiger Woods Shows Signs of a Receding Hairline

Tiger Woods Hair Loss The Belgravia CentreSpeaking ahead of the prestigious Ryder Cup competition, world number one Rory McIlroy has been commenting on his relationship with golfing superstar Tiger Woods. Despite being fierce sporting rivals, McIlroy talks of a genuine, heartfelt friendship with Woods, which includes a fair degree of “good natured” ribbing.

“Tiger gives me stick about being short,” McIlroy said. “He always asks me, ‘Seriously, how tall are you?’ I’ll say, ‘5-foot-9.’ ‘Yeah, but without the hair? That’s 5-7, right?’ He’ll ask me, ‘What do you do when Caroline (Wozniacki, McIlroy’s girlfriend) wears heels?’”

However, McIlroy is keen to point out that he gives as good as he gets. “I give him grief about all sorts – getting old, getting bald. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, certainly not when I’m around…I’ve been seeing loads of Tiger and I’ve got to know the person.”

Is Tiger Woods losing his hair?

McIlroy’s candid comments raise an interesting question – is it possible that the36 year-old legend is experiencing hair loss? Because of the terms of his sponsorship deals, Woods is rarely seen without a cap or visor of some kind. These various styles of headgear obscure a clear view of his scalp and make it difficult to ascertain whether he is experiencing some form of receding hairline.

At the age of 36, around one-third of men will experience some form of hair loss, usually around the temples or crown. Statistically, Woods could indeed be losing his hair – it just remains invisible thanks to his headgear.

Regrow, don’t hide away

Receding Hairline

The good news for Tiger is that if he is losing his hair, there are medically proven treatments can assist with natural hair regrowth. Corporate sponsor or not, hats and visors then become optional outside tournaments, so it would be advisable to obtain a professional assessment, and get some form of hair loss treatment underway.

Here at The Belgravia Centre we create custom treatment programmes which go beyond medication to provide a total care plan, customised to the specific needs of each client. These plans tend to combine hair regrowth medications such as unique extra-strength formulations of Minoxidil, or Propecia, with our Hair Growth Boosters for maximum regrowth potential.

Many hundreds of men and women have benefitted from our custom hair loss treatment plans, renewing their self confidence in the process – take a look at our online archive of success stories for further proof!

To find out more about The Belgravia Centre can help with your own hair loss issues, contact us online or call us free  on 0800 077 6666 to arrange a consultation with one of our hair loss experts. Alternatively you can complete our online diagnostic form to make use of our home use postal treatment service, which means that regardless of geographical location, anybody can take advantage of our unique treatment services.

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