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Margot Robbie Talks About Damaged, Thinning Hair from Over-Styling

Australian actress Margot Robbie is the latest star to speak out about how the hairstyles necessary for her roles have caused her hair loss.

From her hot-rollered ‘big hair’ look in the Wolf of Wall Street, to the heavily bleached, dyed and tightly tied bunches required to play Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad, the actress’ hair has definitely been put through the wringer. Robbie spoke openly to Harper’s Bazaar magazine about the effects this has had, saying the amount of styling necessary in her line of work has left her with “like three hairs left on [her] head“.

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in Suicide SquadHair snapped off

During the interview Robbie was asked if she was good at styling her own hair, which was when she revealed the strain her Hollywood career has placed on her follicles.

I’ve got really shit hair so it’s kind of hard to do my hair well…” she told Harper’s Bazaar. “A hairstylist will come in and put all this fake hair in and it looks luscious and amazing. And I’m like, god, I feel a thousand times better. People are always like, ‘How do you have such healthy hair?’ I’m like, I don’t. My hair is snapped off, it’s shit, it’s gone, but hairstylists have suitcases full of fake hair and they make it look amazing.”

When asked if it was from the colouring needed to achieve looks like the iconic Harley Quinn hairstyle, pictured, the 26 year old confirmed: “It’s from dyeing it, and having hot roller sets. And if you’re doing a photoshoot, and there’s a very finite amount to do your hair, they’re quick and rough. It’s kind of wrecked now.”

‘Chemical hair cut’

It sounds as if Margot Robbie could be experiencing what Lady Gaga once referred to as a ‘chemical hair cut’. This is when the hair snaps along the shaft due to extreme hair breakage caused by intense bleaching. Not only does this leave the hair in a weakened state but it causes it to look thin and frizzy.

Harsh bleaching, frequently using heated styling tools, wearing tight hairstyles and using ‘fake hair’ whether as weaves, wigs or hair extensions, can all lead to a hair loss condition called Traction Alopecia. This is because of the stress they each place on the hair follicles. Caught in time this condition can often be reversed if the follicles are allowed to rest – meaning no tight hairstyles or additions, wearing the hair naturally with no further chemical processing and only minimal heat styling where absolutely necessary – and a specialist traction alopecia treatment course is followed.

In order to stimulate regrowth of the areas affected by Traction Alopecia – often the hairline, which can start to recede due to the pressure placed upon it, and patches of hair loss where hairstyles or extensions have been affixed – Belgravia specialists often recommend high strength minoxidil. This is a topical medication that is applied directly to the affected areas of the scalp.

In addition to the bleaching, frequent heat styling and the damage done by her hairstyles, there was another factor Robbie believes has had a negative effect on her hair. “Living in London, the water is really harsh, and my hair got so bad as soon as I moved there,” she noted. Adding: “But you can’t really avoid that.” It is true that water quality can affect the hair, with hard water leaving the hair rougher and drier than soft water. However, soft water can leave the hair looking flatter and also thinner.

circ - Belgravia Centre Hair Loss Clinic Laser TherapyThe Belgravia Centre

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