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John Travolta Reveals Hair Loss In 3am Gym Selfie

John Travolta sparked a wave of social media interest this week after posing for an early morning gym selfie with a fan, clearly revealing his thinning hair.

John Travolta Reveals Thinning Hair In 3am Gym Selfie With FanLook who’s talking

The Hollywood star was spotted enjoying a quiet 3am workout at Florida’s Planet Fitness by fellow gym-goer, Justin Jones. It seems Travolta had plenty of time to talk at the 24 hour gym as Jones told the social networking site Reddit how the Face/Off actor came over and introduced himself, saying “Hi, I’m John” before they had a ‘fairly long conversation’.

Jones, a fan and neighbour of Travolta whose Florida estate is nearby, said “I thought I was at the gym by myself… I was really confused at first and got really choked up. It was surreal for a moment”. Afterwards Justin posted the photo of them together on Reddit it quickly went viral with social media users immediately zoning in on Travolta’s visible hair loss.

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Twitter Users Respond To John Travolta Revealing Balding Hairline in Gym Selfie with Fan

You never can tell

John Travolta To Play Balding Defence Lawyer Robert Shapiro In American Crime Story

John Travolta (pictured in 2014) will play lawyer Robert Shapiro (right) in American Crime Story

He has been pictured sporting a bald head a lot more recently, so could this willingness to be photographed au naturel mean the 60 year old Hairspray star is ready to embrace his male pattern baldness? Or is he simply getting into character for his latest acting role?

Travolta, who has a widow’s peak, will return to TV work after a 36 year absence, when he plays balding lawyer Robert Shapiro in the new drama series, ‘American Crime Story’ about the infamous OJ Simpson murder trial.

Iconic hairstyles

As a legendary actor whose defining roles in Grease, Saturday Night Fever and Pulp Fiction have produced iconic film hair moments, John Travolta’s locks are a constant source of media speculation. Many people believe he wears a wig or hair piece, whilst he is also thought to favour having his scalp coloured to help conceal his receding hairline.

John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, Grease, and Pulp FictionTravolta has been displaying classic signs of male pattern baldness since the 1980’s although, by the looks of this latest snap, it seems he has preferred to disguise his hair loss rather than treat it.

Had the qualified pilot sought professional hair loss advice when he first noticed he was starting to lose his hair, he may have been able to regrow lost hair and prevent further shedding by using medically-proven male hair loss treatments.

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