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I had stitches on my head, now the hair doesn’t grow. How do I prevent it worsening?

plaster pictureName: Parth

Question: I have hair loss on the side of the head. I had stitches on that area and the hair doesn’t grow there, and now some hair around it is going. What shall I do to prevent it worsening? Please help.

Answer: You need to have it checked and assessed to determine the cause of hair loss before a suitable hair loss treatment is recommended. If the scar and the adjacent loss is located on the top sides then most likely it is due to male pattern hair loss. Pattern hair loss can often be  regrown with the topical treatment minoxidil, but men can also take Propecia to halt the rate of thinning. There are a number of other hair loss conditions that could be responsible, and a specialist really is required to determine the type and best course of treatment.


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